How to Take Baby Steps in Prayer

Learning to pray is like learning to walk. A friend of mine posted a video on Instagram of her baby girl’s first steps. Her chubby little legs moved

How to Become More Natural at Praying

Talking naturally to God can be hard to do. I grew up with a grandmother who prayed freely and frequently. Not that she lived with us, but I

How To Pray

There are many ways to pray. You may have been taught to put your hands together, bow your head, and close your eyes. Other people might say to

A Generous Response to a Gutsy Prayer

Hannah left her only child, the little son she had prayed for so passionately, at the temple to work in service to God. What a hard decision. She

God’s Promises Are Perfect

Do you follow through on your promises to other people? Have you kept them, or have you let someone down? Or, perhaps you know what it’s like to

Praying through conflicts at home

What clashes have you had at home recently? We’re going to keep this question in mind as we continue to look at the story of my namesake in the

How to behave when troubling thoughts consume you

My namesake in the Bible is not a good example of someone who takes matters to God. In fact we don’t read of her praying at all. Even

Make Passionate Prayer if you want Peace

Have you ever wept bitterly? Your whole world falls apart and all you can do is pour out your anguish and sob your heart out. I wept bitterly

How to Find Grace in our Mistakes

Eve! She might seem an unusual choice for our #PrayBoldGirl series. However, we can learn a lot from her about how we should pray, especially when we’re living

Wait expectantly for God’s answer

In part one of Elizabeth’s story in our #PrayBoldGirl series, we learned to be persistent in prayer, especially when our prayer has not been answered in the way