Are you a writer or speaker? Do you live in New England? Or would you like to visit New England in the fall?

As Co-Director of reNEW – retreat for New England Writing and Speaking, I invite you to attend our annual event.

reNEW is for both beginner and experienced writers and speakers. Our retreat is held in the fall in New England. Although many of our attendees are local, people attend from across the United States.

At reNEW, we believe the core of our calling as writers and speakers is faithfulness to Christ. And so, our emphasis is on the need to grow deep inwardly, so we can be effective in our outward reach.

Our community exists that you might renew:

  • Your faith in Christ and commitment to deep spiritual growth — “after the image of Him.” (Colossians 3.10)
  • Your vision for sharing your unique story and message through writing and/or speaking.
  • Your relationships and encouragement of others in this creative community.
  • Your craft and skill in all areas of communication – “renewed in knowledge” (Colossians 3.10)
  • Your soul, through a deliberate time of retreating from ordinary life.
  • Your courage to share your words with a broken world.

What to expect at reNEW:

  • Relaxing atmosphere in a refreshing environment conducive to thinking, writing, praying, studying and listening to God. Labyrinth and 46 acres of walking paths.
  • Dedicated space and time for writing, research or tweaking your work in progress.
  • Teaching and leadership from professional faculty who are dedicated to Christ and willing to share their journey.
  • Celebration of each victory and acceptance of all on the path.
  • Fellowship around tables, walks, and spontaneous interaction with a variety of people who are seeking to live authentically.
  • Opportunities for growth and learning through a variety of teaching presentations.
  • Worship and prayer times that focus on Almighty God.
  • Support and sharing of ideas, lessons learned and practical help to increase the depth and breadth of your reach.
  • Everyone has a single room and healthy meals are included.
  • Preparation for future involvement at larger writing/speaking conferences.

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reNEW is operated by Rachel Britton Ministries, a not for profit 501 (c)(3) organization.


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