When I was about 10 years old, I took my 5-year-old brother on a heist. We secretly picked arm-fulls of fresh, ripe pea pods from my parent’s vegetable garden. Then, hiding in a disused doorway of our big, rambling farmhouse, we proceeded to squeeze open and devour the … (read more…)

My brother’s job, as a policeman with firearms training, occasionally required him to do bodyguard work for Queen Elizabeth II when she came to her Sandringham estate on the east coast of England.

One time, he and … (read more…)

As a child, on the first day of December I would receive an advent calendar. Each day up to December 25, I opened a little door on the calendar to reveal a Christmas image inside. If the idea was to focus on the lead up to the birth of Christ, then it was wasted on … (read more…)

“Thankful.” “Grateful. “Joyful.” These words protected my fingers from my steaming hot beverage. Printed on the sleeve wrapped around my take-out drink, they also got me thinking.  

It’s that time of … (read more…)

Worry and sleeplessness seem to go hand-in-hand. Just this last week, running through the details a big event coming up left me tossing and turning, and rearranging my pillows in the hope it would bring the rest I … (read more…)

I am delighted to welcome Sarah Geringer as guest on my blog. Sarah and I have known each other for a number of years through Proverbs 31 Ministries’ COMPEL Training for writers. It’s been wonderful to see how God is using Sarah’s gifts and skills as a writer to … (read more…)

Welcome to my guest, Lisa Appelo, who is reminding us that prayer is more than a discipline. Lisa shows us that prayer is part of the love relationship with God through Jesus, our Savior.

I am not a disciplined … (read more…)

Have you ever considered how much trust we put in people each day? We depend on the barista to give us the best caffeinated coffee they can make. When we go to a restaurant, we count on the chef to keep his kitchen as hygienic as possible.


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