Be Bold Enough to Trust

Kim Goodfellow is our #BeBoldGirl today, sharing how she boldly made a career change. She talks about how God  led her to do more than she imagined.  Welcome, Kim!

I managed to shut the door to my office …

Do you have a dream you are afraid will never become reality?  Our #BeBoldGirl Evonna Surrette will inspire you to move out of your comfort zone and take a bold step to make it happen.  Welcome, Evonna!

Give God A Chance To Show He Is Good

“I wouldn’t mind tasting squirrel,” my eighteen-year old son announced. We were at dinner with our neighbors and discussing the foods, some of them unusual, eaten in countries globally and regionally.

Not only did I think “yuck, not me,” but I marveled how far my boy had come. He sat …

Choosing to be BOLD When it Scares You

Wow! How would you feel getting in front of a television camera? Nervous? Read Paula Mosher Wallace’s #BeBoldGirl story as God tells her to share her story of abuse across the world. Perhaps God is calling you to step out of your comfort …

When God Says No

One request I have made to God has not been answered in the way I want.

It makes me feel like a small child who only gets to look through the window of a candy store pleading with their parent for the goodies inside.

The Wonder of Where God Moves In

I heard a voice thunder from the Throne: “Look! Look! God has moved into the neighborhood, making his home with men and women! They’re his people, he’s their God.

Who Should You Be Praying For Today?

When my seven-week-old twin boys lay in hospital with meningitis, I depended on many things.

I counted on the machines to beep rhythmically and tell me their hearts were still beating, I relied on the drips to administer the antibiotics, I trusted the doctors’ to give the best care, and I …

God’s gift has not expired. It does not cost us anything to cash in.

Each year in the USA, the total unredeemed value of gift cards purchased is estimated to be around a staggering one billion dollars.1

Have you ever received a gift card and not spent it?

When I Boldly Walked Back to God

If you’ve turned away from God, do you know he loves you unconditionally? Kayla Nelson shares her #BeBoldGirl story with us this week. Let her words encourage you to boldly walk back to him. Welcome, Kayla.

God doesn’t really love you. I told myself.

He doesn’t hear …

Why We Must Learn To Forgive Others

How often do we give others the chance to make a new beginning?

Some time ago, my husband had to go on a business trip. He left one evening to fly overnight from Boston to Edinburgh.

I woke early the next day expecting to see a text or email from him when his flight landed.

Nothing! …

Difficult relationships are worth praying for because:

Prayer changes our focus.

When we consider who we pray to—God, who ...</div srcset=

I had to be bold in my authenticity and intimacy with my heavenly Father. No longer did I come to Him with a put together life. I was a mess. I could no longer pretend life was okay. It wasn't.  It was time to be real with God. 

So often when we’re struggling and feel vulnerable, we want to be self-sufficient. It’s hard to accept help from other people. #BeBoldGirl Karen Smith shares her story of how she had to be bold and become dependent …