Last year we escaped Thanksgiving. As most Americans sat down to turkey and trimmings and pumpkin pie we were somewhere between Ohio and Kansas, driving from Boston to Breckenridge.

This wasn’t to avoid giving thanks for all the good things in my life. Believe me, I know I should practice being …

I am delighted to welcome Niki Hardy, a fellow Brit, to the BeBoldGirl series. She joins us with her #BeBoldGirl story and challenges us to be intentionally bold, even in the most difficult of situations. Welcome, …

Believe God is sovereign over your position, and you can work at being successful because God wants it too.

God wants you to be successful in what you do.

He makes your progress possible because he has a plan not only for you, but for the place you work and for the people you work with.

In the

When I’ve prayed for a solution to a problem in my secular work and God has answered my prayer, I tend to keep it to myself rather than try and explain it to my colleagues.

I may, like Daniel, thank God for his answer in my personal times with him. However, when I talk to other people who have …

My friend Julie Loos joins us with her #BeBoldStory and challenges us to think differently about the women around us. Welcome, Julie!

I always thought bold girls were ones with capes and superpowers.  Lightning speed or abnormal strength, they stood up to evil and made the world a …

Have you found yourself paying for other people’s mistakes—dragged in and included in the negative consequences of other people’s actions, which you had nothing to do with?

You’re in trouble because another person has made an error, or he or she hadn’t thought clearly.

Then, …

How do you react when an impossible demand is made of you?

Do you rise to the occasion with the attitude this is not going to beat me? Or do you shrink away and give up?

Seasons of grief are some of the most difficult times to trust God.  I’m delighted Michelle Rabon is sharing her story and I hope it encourages you to have bold faith in a season of grief. #BeBoldGirl

I laid next to him, his hair was beginning to fall out, and his strength was starting …

Deciding to stand up for something you believe in can often lead to opposition

However, it doesn’t always have to be a rough ride.

Some of it depends on us doing our best to make sure our standpoint goes smoothly for all involved.

As we continue

Often we think we need to make a stand for everything we believe in. If not, how do we look different from those around us?

The problem is, challenging the whole kit and caboodle that doesn’t fit with our beliefs can make life annoying for those around us.

There is a different way to act or …

I’m glad to welcome a new voice to the #BeBoldGirl series.  I know you’ll enjoy Jenn Bryant’s story of boldly finding her identity in the midst of a difficult situation.  

The office felt so cold and lifeless. What was once brimming with activity, was now abandoned, …

When you start something new, do you firmly decide on a course of action?

When I left home for college, I resolved to do two things: I decided to find the answers to the many questions I had about Christianity. I also planned to have fun at the same time.

I had lots of questions. I never …