I am delighted to welcome Krisie Brown sharing her wisdom on using our imaginations well. Be sure to download Krisie’s beautiful bookmark, found at the end of the article, that she has created to help you put into practice the truths she is teaching. Print it …Read More →

Sitting around the table with the other women on the prayer team, I found myself struggling to join in the celebration. A prayer had been answered and everyone was excited and joyful — except me. Don’t get me wrong, I was pleased and thankful but at the same time I felt …Read More →

I’m delighted to welcome fellow Brit living in America and cancer survivor, Niki Hardy, to share her candid thoughts on a subject we probably don’t talk about or admit to very much — that is being angry with God. Read on to find out how to become calm and draw God …Read More →

As I’ve struggled through prayers not being answered in the way I would like or think is best, I have learned to look at what I know about God from the Bible to help me move forward. There are two truths, which I want to share with you, that I like to keep in the forefront …Read More →

If you’re a parent with adult children, or even if you’re not, this article is for you. Read on to find your special mission to care for and protect those you love from my new friend, Susan Macias. If you’re an adult child reading this, then you might like to pass …Read More →

This article will be a two part series looking at our reactions when our prayer requests are answered with a “no.” In Part 1 we look at our struggle with knowing if we’ve praying in the right way and the confidence we can have that we are.