How to Become More Natural at Praying

Talking naturally to God can be hard to do. I grew up with a grandmother who prayed freely and frequently. Not that she lived with us, but I

How to be Strong When You Need It

When a crisis hits we want to be mentally and emotionally strong. I received an email from my friend giving details about her neighbor who had cancer. The

6 Ways You Can Change a Person

Do you have someone in your life whose actions or attitude you’d like to change? Because, oh boy, the way they’re behaving and the things they are saying

A Generous Response to a Gutsy Prayer

Hannah left her only child, the little son she had prayed for so passionately, at the temple to work in service to God. What a hard decision. She

God’s Promises Are Perfect

Do you follow through on your promises to other people? Have you kept them, or have you let someone down? Or, perhaps you know what it’s like to

Praying through conflicts at home

What clashes have you had at home recently? We’re going to keep this question in mind as we continue to look at the story of my namesake in the

How to behave when troubling thoughts consume you

My namesake in the Bible is not a good example of someone who takes matters to God. In fact we don’t read of her praying at all. Even

Make Passionate Prayer if you want Peace

Have you ever wept bitterly? Your whole world falls apart and all you can do is pour out your anguish and sob your heart out. I wept bitterly

How to stop being pushed down and stand up strong

Hannah knew the pain of living with a mean girl. The constant niggling comments, made when no one else was around. The jibes so subtle her husband, Elkanah

How to make an imperfect world better

Last time in our #PrayBoldGirl series we discovered, through Eve’s story, how to look for and be thankful for God’s goodness in unwelcome consequences. This week we are looking at