Welcome to my Be Bold Girl community to give you inspiration and encouragement in overcoming your challenges and being bold on the journey.

Join the community of #BeBoldGirls. We are bold women from across the world in different situations with varying experiences and of all ages. All are welcome. There is something here for you to help you be bold on your journey.

Here you will find:

#BeBoldGirl – you are not alone in the difficult circumstances you face. We are on this journey together. I don’t claim to have all the answers, but I love to help you dig deep in discovering that God is good. Turning to Jesus gives us the confidence and hope we need to be brave and bold whatever is happening in our world. Read the stories of bold girls.

#PrayBoldGirl allows us to explore prayer. Prayer is not easy but ultimately we can be bold before God in our asking and in believing he will answer.


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