Be Bold. Honestly, isn’t that how you want to live your life?

Not in an overpowering or rude kind of way, but being confident and courageous in your day-to-day activities, and especially when you face problems and difficulties.

I want to get out of bed each morning knowing I can do it. I want my daughter to believe she is strong enough and she can do it. I want the woman in my neighborhood or across the other side of the world, who may not have the same opportunities as myself, to know that she can live boldly, too.

I want YOU to know you can do it.

The #BeBoldGirl series shares personal stories of women like you and me who are overcoming challenges by being bold.

Stories range from one #BeBoldGirl deciding to step out in faith and leave her job and secure income, to another #BeBoldGirl facing the challenges of a husband developing Alzheimer’s.

So, I am sure you will be able to find something to empower you to be venturesome in your own life, and in your journey with Jesus, whether you are starting out or you have been walking with him for many years.

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Our #BeBoldGirl series begins again after a break for the summer. I am thrilled to start with the BEST #BeBoldGirl in my life, my daughter Phoebe Britton. Please leave her an encouraging comment at the end.

I struggle with feeling confident all the time. I wrestle with putting myself out …

It’s Tuesday and time for another #BeBoldGirl story!  I’m happy to welcome Dawn Klinge to the blog, sharing a her story of hope and dreams. This story was originally posted in June, 2016.  Be sure to read all the way to the bottom for an update from Dawn.

“I don’t really …

A faith-filled life does not void out hard times. Decide to walk with Jesus anyway. #BeBoldGIrl

What an honor to welcome author, speaker and life coach Carey Scott to the blog.  Enjoy Carey’s story of boldly waiting on the Lord to defend her.  This post was originally published in June, 2016.  Be sure to read all the way to the end for an update from Carey, including info about her new …

I recently asked my dear friend, Cynthia Fantasia, to tell us the steps she has taken as she walks on her bold journey.  This post was originally published in March, 2016.  Be sure to read all the way to the end for an update from Cynthia.  #BeBoldGirl

Let me introduce you to three women: Akuol, Ayen and Aguer.

Their names might be unfamiliar to us, yet these women are no different from you and me. They have cares and concerns for their families, just like we do. Their children are typical kids, just like yours and mine. Yet, their …

God is big enough to show Himself to others. All I have to do is to point them to Him through praying big prayers. He reveals Himself through faithfully answering.

This #BeBoldGirl story from Amy Carroll from Proverbs 31 was originally posted September, 2016.  I recently asked how what she learned from the women in India made a difference in her own life. Be sure …

My friend Lauren Gaskill is here today to share her #BeBoldGirl story.  What leap of faith is God calling you to take today?

The rest of the room kept their heads bowed in …

I’d like to welcome my new friend, Elizabeth Livingston, to the #BeBoldGirl series.  Elizabeth lives on the other side of the world from me, but she shows our hearts and our need for …

My friend Jerusha Borden is sharing with us today in the #BeBoldGirl series.  She has embraced the live God has given her, even though it is not the one she would have chosen for herself.  I pray her words encourage you to take on a bold identity for Christ.

The …

I’ve invited my friend Betsy de Cruz to tell her story in the #BeBoldGirl series.  She shares my passion for Bible study and prayer, and knows her way around a suitcase like I do!  Welcome, Betsy!

I always said I’d celebrate my 50th birthday by getting a tattoo. But 50 …

Today, I welcome Sarah Geringer to the #BeBoldGirl series.  She is taking some bold steps in her life these days and I know her words will inspire you to do the same. Welcome, Sarah!

In my current season of big changes, I’m learning to pray boldly.

I’m so glad to welcome my friend Sarah Travis back to the blog.  Sarah was our very first #BeBoldGirl and I am anxious to catch up with all that has happened in her life since then. Welcome, Sarah!

Thank you Rachel for inviting me back to your