How To Overcome Challenges

I’d call myself a pretty good skier, although one particular afternoon on the slopes I faced a challenge beyond my ability, or so I thought. Skiing with my

Discovering the Power of Earnest Prayer

Maybe you doubt whether your prayers can really be effective, especially when you’re asking for the impossible or what seems unlikely. In the back of your mind you’re

Putting Your Trust in Jesus in a Crisis

When I visited the Sea of Galilee the water shone like a mirror. The sturdy fishing vessels that lined the harbor seemed excessive for such a tranquil setting. Yet, the Sea

3 Principles to Help You Trust God

I love to ski and through this activity, I have learned a lot about trust that we can apply to our spiritual lives and trust in God.  I

How to Find Comfort Through Prayer

When we are in distress and life is full of problems, we can gain comfort from remembering who God is and giving him praise and thanks at the

When Prayers Are Being Answered But Yours is Not

Sitting around the table with the other women on the prayer team, I found myself struggling to join in the celebration. A prayer had been answered and everyone

3 Things to Do When You’re Angry with God

I’m delighted to welcome fellow Brit living in America and cancer survivor, Niki Hardy, to share her candid thoughts on a subject we probably don’t talk about or

When God Says “No” — part 2

As I’ve struggled through prayers not being answered in the way I would like or think is best, I have learned to look at what I know about

How to Pray for Adult Children

If you’re a parent with adult children, or even if you’re not, this article is for you. Read on to find your special mission to care for and

When God Says “No” — part 1

This article will be a two part series looking at our reactions when our prayer requests are answered with a “no.” In Part 1 we look at our