Thank you for your interest in Life Lived Differently! I’m pleased to provide you these picture quotes and photographs from the Holy Land, which can be used for your ministry purposes at no charge. My only request is that you follow the Terms of Use.

coverI also would like to send you a copy of my ebook devotional, Life Lived Differently, which pairs Holy Land imagery with reflections about what happened in these sacred sites and why it matters for us today. Inspired by my recent trip to the Holy Land, the Life Lived Differently devotional e-book explores ten ways Jesus taught us to live differently.

Life Lived Differently E-Book

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Approach God Differently – The Western Wall/Jerusalem

Be Free Differently – Sheep’s Gate

Pray Differently – Mount Arbel

Shine Differently – Galilee and Capernaum

Be Healed Differently – Pool of Bethesda

Forgive Differently – Annas’ house and Caiaphus’ palace

A Different Future – Garden of Gethsemane

Worship Differently – Church of the Holy Sepulchre and the Garden Tomb

Share Differently – Caesarea

Hope Differently – Mount of Olives

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