How to love yourself

The Bible has plenty of teachings about love. We are to love God with all our heart, soul and strength (Deuteronomy 6:5). We are to love our neighbor

2 Ways to Pray for Reconciliation

Esau and Jacob had a contentious and tumultuous relationship that could rival any antagonistic relationship that we have experienced or known. Twenty years had passed since Jacob deviously

Praying for Your Family is Powerful

As daylight dwindled on a summer evening, I took my place on the large green sofa in the bay window of my grandparent’s living room ready for their

3 Reasons Why Jesus is the Prince of Peace

Today, I want to begin with a little history lesson about the Roman Empire. Growing up on the east coast of England, remnants of Roman rule are everywhere

Light that Changes Everything

On our first Christmas, when we moved from England to New England, I discovered some of the Christmas traditions I was used to didn’t make it across the

Big-Heartedness is Always Appreciated

One year we escaped Thanksgiving. As most Americans sat down to turkey and trimmings and pumpkin pie we were somewhere between Ohio and Kansas, driving from Boston to

Three Habits to Keep You Grateful

When we’re in the middle of tough times, often we can only think about the basics needed for each day or even to get through the next hour.

Remembering to be Grateful

How has God rescued you? Do you remember the significant moment when you realized God came to save you through his Son Jesus? I remember that moment when

Having Confidence in God’s Love

Daniel, who survived a night with lions, was a man determined to stay true to God and follow God, wherever that took him.  Daniel was also completely confident

God’s Love for His Children

God loves children and babies. The Almighty, Eternal God who, with his breath and words, created our intricate world and commands billions of galaxies, is goo-goo over babies