A Prayer to See Beauty in Everything

I woke up to whack, whack, whack. It went on and on. It was not a thumping headache, although the sound was enough to give me one. We’d

Being Bold in God’s Presence

Quite often we are timid in our praying rather than being bold. We may feel we do not deserve to be in the presence of a holy God.

A Prayer for God’s Undivided Attention

We want God’s undivided attention. Selfish? Not at all. We need his attentiveness to our prayers because without him, we know life can become futile, and we lose

Uncomfortable But Equipped

Waves lapped gently onto the rocky shoreline. The water shimmered and sparkled as the morning sun climbed higher in the sky. A gentle onshore breeze blew the hair

The Rewards of Faithfulness

Jesus says we are to have faith—great faith. But, even faith that is the size of mustard seed is rewarded.  Having faith, in Jesus, begins with the greatest

Jesus Teaches Us to Act and Not Overreact

For many Christian visitors to the Holy Land, it is not how they imagine it to be, nor how they picture it from Bible times. The piercing call

Allowing Jesus in Your Everyday Life

Nestled on the northwest shore of Galilee, Capernaum, lies in ruins. It was deserted long ago. I visited on an October day of bright blue skies. The sun

Make Praise in What You Say, Think, and Do

I sing with gusto when it’s one of my favorite worship songs. Standing in semi-darkness, spotlights bathing the stage, the worship band drawing me into the mood, it

Build Your Life on Foundational Words

When I was a child, my Sunday School class would sing a song about wise and foolish builders. It came with actions. Perhaps you know it. It goes

We must love each other

I’m sure your family is just like mine. We can be kindhearted to each other and get along, but we can also be inconsiderate and fall out. We