A Prayer to Be Ourselves When We Worship

Sometimes, we can be unsure if the way we worship God is good enough or the right way. A visit to the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, nestled

A Prayer to be Thankful for Life

I walked a pathway where Jesus is thought to have walked, and it made me thankful for the path to life he gives. The orange glow of street

A prayer for when we feel defeated

Many things can make us feel defeated. Experiencing a loss, failure, losing a battle, or facing a crisis can make us feel like “this is over” whether it

How Jesus modeled prayer for us

Jesus needed to pray, to spend time with his Father. Jesus modeled prayer for us. He gave us an example to follow. I went to Galilee, where Jesus

Seeking Guidance from a Godly Friend

I needed some guidance this week and I decided to seek the godly guidance of a friend and colleague.  I apologized to her for offloading a lot of

A Prayer for Guidance by God’s Spirit

If you’re looking for God’s guidance but you feel inadequate, especially when you pray about it, then I want to encourage you that help is at hand. Here

A Prayer to Use Your Common Sense

Last week, we looked at how we can get guidance on life from God’s words in the Bible—Scripture. This week, we are looking at the second “S” and

A Prayer for Guidance from God’s Word

There are so many things we’d like guidance on. For instance, how to respond to someone who has upset us. Whether to take that job. The words we

The Significance of a Journey

I’m digging into the stories of many of the women of the Old Testament as I write my next book. One of the themes that keeps popping up

10 Promises to Overcome Worry

According to a study reported by the Express newspaper in the UK, women spend almost two hours a day worrying, which translates into one month a year. Men