Why You Can Open Your Home to God

Most of us don’t reveal in detail to other people the struggles going on in our families. Unless we meet someone who is going through the same thing we are

Praying for Your Family is Powerful

As daylight dwindled on a summer evening, I took my place on the large green sofa in the bay window of my grandparent’s living room ready for their

How to pray when you don’t feel respectable

We’re on our way to church. Three teenagers squashed together in the back of the car. My husband was driving and me applying last minute make-up in the

Choosing Love Over Stuff

I daydreamed of a beautiful old English house, with a flagstone hallway, big comfy sofas, and fine antique oak furniture. I pictured hollyhocks swaying outside the open windows

Being Bold in Finding a New Identity

I’m glad to welcome a new voice to the #BeBoldGirl series.  I know you’ll enjoy Jenn Bryant’s story of boldly finding her identity in the midst of a

Traveling Life: Take the Trip

Do you need a little push to say yes to that trip you’ve been hemming and hawing about? Then, you’ll enjoy Halee Anthony‘s advice and the humor with

Praying through conflicts at home

What clashes have you had at home recently? We’re going to keep this question in mind as we continue to look at the story of my namesake in the

Pray Boldly Over Your Doorways

Today I am welcoming my friend and author Meadow Merrill to the #BeBoldGirl series.  You’ll love the unique way God reminded her to pray boldly for her family.

The End of One Journey is the Beginning of Another

Every Tuesday I share the story of a #BeBoldGirl. This week is slightly different. I want to update you on one #BeBoldGirl’s story. My friend Cynthia Fantasia described some months

Why We Should Pray for Irritating Family Members

I’m sure your family is just like mine. We can be kindhearted to each other and get along, but we can also be inconsiderate and fall out. We