Every Tuesday I share the story of a #BeBoldGirl.

This week is slightly different. I want to update you on one #BeBoldGirl’s story.

My friend Cynthia Fantasia described some months ago how she was learning bold lessons on a hard journey with her husband’s Alzheimer’s disease.

For those of you who share similar journeys, you will value Cynthia’s advice to follow God one step at a time.

While your steps may be shaky, be bold. You do not make them alone. For God says:

I will never leave you nor forsake you.

Yesterday, I travelled from New York City to Massachusetts to attend the memorial service for Bob Fantasia.

I remember how Bob would speak so highly of my children, as if they were his own grandchildren. He always had a good word to say about everyone.

We celebrated Bob’s life today.

Bob fought the good fight, finished the race and kept the faith.

Bob was described as faithful. What a way to be remembered.

He was faithful and loving to Cynthia, to his children, and to his grandchildren. Bob was faithful to his God and Savior. Now, he has been welcomed into heaven with the words:

Well done, good and faithful servant.

As Cynthia starts a new chapter in her life of being bold, I would ask you to leave a note of encouragement for her in the comments.

We all need support to get through hard times.

One day, I hope Cynthia will be able to share other lessons she learned along the way.

For now, my prayer is God will be Cynthia’s assurance every morning, and her defender in the night.

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  • Thank you for sharing with words to sad loss for Cynthia of her husband and soul mate. I am currently in a similar journey as I care for my Mother and her twin sister who have Alzheimer’s disease. Both are well cared for in Assisted living residences but the face to face loving them is what penetrates their well being. Cynthia has modeled the power of God and the provisions of God, when the road gets tough. I’m grateful to learn of her peace in the love of Christ. Finishing well is a gift we all hope & strive for.

  • I don’t even know the whole of Cynthia’s story, and I have tears in my eyes.

    Cynthia, I truly am sorry you lost your Bob. While he celebrates being whole in a new body, I know his loss for you is still probably raw. I’m praying for God’s comfort for you as you begin this new journey. I’m praying His peace in the moments that are the most painful. And I’m praying His guidance for you as you figure out this new chapter in your life.

    Thank you for sharing your story here.
    Rachel, thank you for sharing this series. What a great way to encourage others. 🙂

    I’m your neighbor at #RaRaLinkup today. 🙂

  • I thought about her and prayed for her all day. I’m sure we will be learning much from Cynthiana in days to come. I wish I could have been there to celebrate Bob’s life with you all. A very special man indeed.

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