The Wonder of Where God Moves In

God moves into the dirtiest and most squalid lives, and sets up home. We climbed the steps from the subway station at Sham Shui Po on Hong Kong’s

Traveling Life: Unfazed by the Grubby and Grimy

I no longer drive in Manhattan. Not that my experience of driving, when the mid-town tunnel spewed my SUV onto the busy streets, became too much for me.

Traveling Life – How to Not Give In

Singapore’s air hung like a heavy blanket. The sun desperately wanted to shine; it could only manage a pale glow. Nearby, farmers on the island of Sumatra were

Traveling Life: Finding God’s Provision

I am delighted to welcome Mitzi Neely onto the blog today. Sometimes our travels don’t turn out as expected, but usually these are when we learn about and

Traveling Life – From Failures to Forgiveness

How far is the east from the west? In my experience, twenty-four hours of travel to be exact. Or is it? I recently traveled east to Singapore. An island

Traveling Life: He Will Take Me to Unknown Places

Sometimes when we travel, where God takes our heart is more significant than where He takes us physically.  Read on as Carmen Brown shares how God used a

Traveling life: Finding Our Way

Two observations hit me when I arrive at London Heathrow airport. The first is: I’m home. The second is: The people.     Although I haven’t lived in England

Traveling Life: Take the Trip

Do you need a little push to say yes to that trip you’ve been hemming and hawing about? Then, you’ll enjoy Halee Anthony‘s advice and the humor with

Traveling Life: Lessons in Barriers

Boston to Manhattan is not a bad drive. In fact, it’s good. I set off in our SUV with my three children. We stop on the way for