1. Hallelujah! What an awesome perspective of God’s forgiveness. Sometimes it’s so hard to believe He can forgive us so easily, but His Word in the scripture you shared is clear on the subject! And thank you for sharing your pics, too. Congratulations to your kids – that’s awesome! I’ve never been to Asia, but would love to travel there someday. Visiting from live free Thursdays today:)

  2. “These words should fill our souls with reassurance. They should overwhelm our hearts with our God’s compassionate love. They should astonish our minds with God’s overflowing grace towards us.” YES & AMEN! What a beautiful reminder of God’s forgiveness today; thank you! #livefreeThursday

  3. Hi Rachel, big congrats to your son’s team.
    Yes friend! Our failures don’t define who we are. Thank God for His forgiveness and Grace.
    Thank you for stopping over earlier. I appreciate it so much.
    Blessings to you

    1. Author

      Thanks, Ifeoma, for visiting, for your comment, and for joining me in celebrating my boys successes.

  4. Congrats to your boys on their exciting win, Rachel! Traveling long distances and changing time zones absolutely wears me out. I love the idea of thinking about Psalm 103:12 in the process. How much that verse comes to life as you are actually making that long trek! I far too easily stay in that failure-measuring mode and am seeing my precious son get stuck there lately. Thank you for this: “Measure his forgiveness, not your failures.” I’ll share that with him as well :).

  5. What an amazing trip! I’ve never traveled outside of the U.S., and I love living in an age where I can “travel” around the world virtually. I’m thankful for the spiritual truths you pulled from the trip too.

    1. Author

      It’s nice to travel virtually. Physical travel is exciting but it can be so tiring. Thanks for visiting Sarah.

  6. I go to those biblical words often, but never from the perspective of having traveled the tail-chasing distance of east to west. Thanks for sharing this beautiful experience!

    1. Author

      Thanks Michele. Those words are a wonderful reminder to us to worship God for what he has done for us.

  7. God’s forgiveness is mind boggling, isn’t it? Thanks for the sweet reminder. And congrats to your boys! Blessings!

  8. so true that we don’t think of the distance between the east and the west as the original writer may have – yet also true we can’t be in both places at once. God forgives us our sins and removes them, yet we stay in the east when He’s placed them in the west. silly us. All God’s grace – that His forgiveness washes us clean and that He continues to bring us fully into His truth. thanks and congrats on your amazing kids!
    I’ve been there and almost got run over – not the same traffic laws as mild California!

    1. Author

      Sue I love your observation that we stay where we are even though God has forgiven and forgotten our wrongdoing. We can move on but so often we don’t allow ourselves to do so. Singapore was an amazing experience. Glad you didn’t get run over!

  9. Rachel,
    This gives a whole new meaning to “as far as the east is from the west”!! So thankful that’s how far he removes our sins from us!! I was curious to read your thoughts on Singapore as I may possibly be traveling there….congrats’ to your boys!!
    Bev xx

  10. you’ve enlarged our borders, you’ve taken us there, Rachel …

    so good to connect with you at Holley’s this morning!

  11. Rachel,
    I loved reading this traveling post and your experience in Asia! (Congrats to your sons’ teams too!) Beautiful photos and what an incredible experience to see a different lifestyle. Always enjoy your words here!

  12. Measure His forgiveness not your failures! I absolutely love that and I love how you were present in the moment with your family yet didn’t neglect to see the things of God right where you are. Understanding His forgiveness with the same sensitivity you had while traveling is what will keep us from meditating on our failures. Thank you for sharing. Stopping by from Grace and Truth Link up.

  13. I love your last statement, “Just keep traveling east, you’ll never find the west.” It’s true; if you travel far enough north, you reach the north pole, and far enough south, you reach the south pole.
    But there is no east pole or west pole. So, God has removed our transgressions so far from us that we will never be able to reach them again. They’re gone!
    Congrats on your sons’ achievements! 🙂

    1. Author

      You’re right, there is no east or west pole. I like that, Ruth. God can teach us from His created world.

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