In the middle of the night, I couldn’t sleep. My mind kept me awake as I ran over one problem after another. Eventually, I decided to pray. If I turned my despair into prayer, sleep would be sure to come.

However, an hour later I was still awake and still restless.

Prayer should be the solution. If we talk to God about what’s making us anxious, the Bible says we will feel at peace, even if it doesn’t make sense considering the situation we’re in. But, how often has peace … (Read More…)

What clashes have you had at home recently?

We’re going to keep this question in mind as we continue to look at the story of my namesake in the Bible, Rachel

In part one of Rachel’s story, we learned she did not take her problems to God.

Today, we’re going to look at the troubles she had at home and discover the root cause of them. You can read along in (Read More…)

Stress. It’s a part of everyday life, isn’t it? We can’t seem to escape it.

As I began to write about overcoming anxiety, I laid awake, for what seemed like hours, in the night worrying.

In the darkness I agonized over a hard conversation I needed to have with someone close to me. I worried how they’re might react. Would they get angry with me? Although if they did, it would really be with themselves.

I fretted they would not take my advice. So, to be sensitive to the situation, … (Read More…)

My friend Jerusha Borden is sharing with us today in the #BeBoldGirl series.  She has embraced the live God has given her, even though it is not the one she would have chosen for herself.  I pray her words encourage you to take on a bold identity for Christ.

The weather is changing. It’s getting warmer and the layers are gradually coming off. Gone are the warm sweaters and knee high boots, long coats and winter clothing. It is normal to walk down the street and see … (Read More…)



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