Welcome to PRAYING NATURALLY. My hope is you will become comfortable and confident in your conversation with God. Here you will find FREE prayer resources and guided prayers. 

Prayer can be intimidating, seem formal, and take commitment. Often we struggle to find the right words, stay focused, and pray regularly. But, God wants you to talk to him, and I’m here to help you make it a natural part of your daily routine. The more we practice praying, the easier is becomes. Here, you will not just read about prayer, you will become a doer of prayer. Scroll down to get started.

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How to Use Our Imaginations Well

As we grow into adults, all too often the most we use our imaginations for is considering the what-if’s of life. What if I fail that test, miss my plane, get into a car accident, get lost, or I or my loved one get hurt? But what if we consider the positive side? What if we use our imaginations to think on what is lovely, pure and true?

When Prayers Are Being Answered But Yours is Not

We may not even be aware of our reaction, but comparing how God is answering our prayer to that of someone else’s prayer can lead to our minds running away with all sorts of unhelpful thoughts and questions. Our response to the answers to our prayers, whether they are yes, no, or wait, should be to focus on God and his graciousness shown to us.

3 Things to Do When You’re Angry with God

Over the years I’ve learned to do three things when I’m furious with the man upstairs. It doesn’t change my circumstances, but it does take me off DEFCON 1 anger alert. I’m more able to cope and feel His peace and love. I can keep my head above water when life threatens to drown me. – Guest Niki Hardy

When God Says “No” — part 2

Sometimes when our prayers are answered with a “no” it can feel like God is not taking everything into account. Does he know how I feel? Does he know what this means? Does he really think there is good in what has just happened?


Prayer_to_go is perfect for when you don’t have much time, and need a reminder to pray. Receive short prayers of encouragement. Follow @prayer_to_go.

“Alexa, say a prayer”

Ask Alexa to say a prayer: “Alexa, ask say a prayer” Receive daily inspiration and be encouraged by a short Christian prayer just for you.

Create a Prayer Habit

A daily prayer prompt is perfect for helping you create a prayer habit and praying more regularly. These are fill-in-the-blank prayers that you can personalize for yourself and your life.