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Prayer can be intimidating, seem formal, and take commitment. Often we struggle to find the right words, stay focused, and pray regularly. But, God wants you to talk to him, and I’m here to help you make it a natural part of your daily routine. The more we practice praying, the easier is becomes. Here, you will not just read about prayer, you will become a doer of prayer. Scroll down to get started.

Recognizing Spiritual Hunger

When I looked back over the weeks that had preceded that day, I discovered that I had been living on spiritual cotton candy–listening to an occasional Christian radio program, sending up prayers on the run. These were good things in themselves but not sufficient as the primary nourishment of my spirit. I ended up with occasional short sugar highs but was malnourished inside.

When God Says “Wait”

When we’re waiting for our prayers to be answered, we can behave like we’re in a doctor’s waiting room. We may be patient to begin with, but then impatience sets in. We ask God “why ” and “when.” The longer the wait, the harder it becomes. We don’t rest. We can’t relax. “If God answers my prayer, then everything will be okay,” we think.

When Prayer Feels Empty

If prayer feels empty, we need to keep coming to Him. Keep showing up. Keep seeking Him. He longs for our presence far more than our perfect prayers.

Praying with Expectation and Hope

Does it seem like you have faced problem after problem this year? In the middle of unusual circumstances, we have a chance to find glimmers of hope and focus on those things, however small, that bring us joy.


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