Join me for my new devotion series, Bold Girls at the Cross, starting March 1.  Let’s walk together with the women who followed Jesus to the cross and become a band of bold women for our Lord.


Hannah knew the pain of living with a mean girl.

The constant niggling comments, made when no one else was around. The jibes so subtle her husband, Elkanah never noticed.

Hannah never had any relief from the tormenting because Peninnah was the other wife of Elkanah.

In ancient biblical society, it was acceptable for a man to take another woman if his wife couldn’t have children. Hannah failed miserably to get pregnant. Peninnah excelled in giving birth. You’d have thought … (Read More…)

Scientists at Massachusetts Institute of Technology have scrutinized the brains of my three children. My daughter spent two hours in an fMRI machine while they watched how her brain reacted when reading and doing puzzles. We have the images on CD which one day, my husband says, we must get printed, framed and hung on the wall.

The purpose of the study was to learn how the brains of children with dyslexia change when they read so advances can be made in teaching techniques.

Scientists used … (Read More…)

Last year, my friend Shauna Wallace encouraged us to be bold by being ourselves.  I’m happy to welcome Shauna back to the #BeBoldGirl series to hear how she continues to walk this out by faith.

I so relate to Jesus’ disciple Peter: bold, passionate, sometimes rash, saying and promising some pretty impressive things Jesus corrects and rebukes. I’m just like him! The fact that Jesus … (Read More…)

God made us to be physical and spiritual beings as a whole. Our physical lives and our spiritual beings were never intended to be viewed separately.

Yet, how often do we consider what we put into our mouths to impact us spiritually?

This week in our month of focus on wellness, I am going to concentrate on how we can eat well.

What we eat and put into our bodies is not only a physical act but a spiritual action, too. For what we do spiritually has an impact on the … (Read More…)



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