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Every Tuesday I share the story of a #BeBoldGirl.

This week is slightly different. I want to update you on one #BeBoldGirl’s story.

My friend Cynthia Fantasia described some months ago how she was learning bold lessons on a hard journey with her husband’s Alzheimer’s disease.

For those of you who share similar journeys, you will … (Read More…)


Sometimes, I’d rather stay furious than take seriously the words: don’t go to bed angry. I find some satisfaction in being annoyed. If I back down too easily, it’s like I’m letting off the other person who has wronged me.

I can think of at least one occasion when this has happened.

Returning from a pediatrician’s appointment with my daughter, a driver suddenly cut … (Read More…)


I am delighted to welcome my good friend Danya Jordan from Proverbs 31 to the #BeBoldGirl series today. I met Danya three years ago at the She Speaks conference and I admire her boldness for Jesus.

My heart was beating out of my chest. My hands and knees were visibly shaking. I held my breath as I looked out among the congregation.

It was the first time I had given my testimony. The first time I was truly vulnerable publicly about my past, my failures, my fragility, my salvation, … (Read More…)

God sometimes feels far away when we are in a mess.

Why is it God often seem distant in the middle of trouble? Often, when we’re struggling, he seems silent.

I remember crying out to God when my six-week-old twins were diagnosed with meningitis, when I discovered a lump, when my son faced his second emergency surgery in two weeks, wondering if God was there with me.

God hadn’t turned his back. He’s always close. Yet, it felt like he was a long way off.

Fear, it seemed, kept me from knowing his presence.

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