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My passion is to empower women through writing and speaking. I want to help you:

  • stop feeling you’re not good enough and start to love who you are.
  • live loved so you can love others.
  • remove uncertainty and gain confidence outside your comfort zone.
  • discover a deeper relationship with God through prayer.
  • press closer to Jesus in devotion.

I graduated from Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary with a Masters in Religion, cum laude, in 2011Prior to seminary, I served on ministry staff to women at Grace Chapel, a large non-denominational church in Lexington, Massachusetts.

I have a background in editorial management in newspaper and magazine publishing. In London I worked for the magazine division of BBC Worldwide as well as The Independent newspaper and Associated Newspapers.

With my husband and six-week old baby, I moved from England to New England in 1995. From my career with the BBC and living in the vibrant cosmopolitan city of London, the only similarity between my old and new life was in the name. Life in New England was challenging and overwhelming. However, my physical relocation with its emotional upheavals took me on a journey to find confidence outside my comfort zone, renewed faith as I learned I was loved by God, and a spiritual expedition of pressing closer to Jesus in devotion and a deeper relationship with God through prayer. I write for those who, whatever their circumstances, have similar challenges.

I am “mamma the bear” to three lovable teenagers, and wife to Colin. I enjoy walking, biking, and skiing in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado. Travel is a big part of my life and I love to explore new places.

You can sign up here to receive encouragement. Head over to my Speakers Page to request me to speak at your event.

I am author of  Prayer Zone Workout, physical and spiritual exercise for the heart.