Having worked on ministry staff to women for a large non-denominational church in New England, I know the right speaker can make your event run smoothly and, at the same time, be life-changing for all involved.

My passion use God’s Word to lead women of all ages into a deep relationship with the God who loves them. 

Please note: Due to COVID-19 I am available for your virtual event.

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I am a British-born speaker, author and blogger.

In 2011 I graduated, cum laude, from Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary with a Masters in Religion.

I have spoken in a wide variety of settings: women’s retreats, church events, and conferences, as well as participated on speaking teams.

My ministry is managed through my 501(c)(3) non-profit organization:
Praying Naturally – my website – focuses on helping women become comfortable and confident in their conversation with God. I offer practical ways to practice prayer through my prayer resources library.
reNEW – I co-director a retreat for Christian writers and speakers in New England.
RADIANT.NYC – I am Executive Content & Strategy Director for a community empowering young NYC women to pursue a lifestyle of resilience and radiance.

I am married to Colin, also a Brit, and we have three young adult children spread across too many time zones. When not at home in New York City, you can find me enjoying the mountains of Colorado. I love to travel and cannot live without a mug of English tea!


From Iron Sharpens Iron for Northeast Women, Worcester, MA


  • being bold on the journey whatever our circumstances, and teaching practical ways to trust God in the middle of difficult situations.
  • mastering how to pray so we are changed on the inside and turn a corner with our relationships on the outside.
  • encouraging women to take one step closer to Jesus, whether they have walked with him for years or are just getting to know him.
  • sharing biblical knowledge in a relatable way.
  • bringing a little bit of Britishness to your event.


Developing A Healthy Habit Of Prayer

Our hearts are important. Caring for our physical hearts is crucial, but more essential is attending to our spiritual hearts. How often have you said “I want to pray more often and more deeply but…”? We begin with enthusiasm but find it difficult to stay committed. Come and be guided on how to have meaningful heart conversation with God, while taking steps to a healthier life. You will learn the value of:

  • Changing dressed up conversation into honest, down-to-earth talk.
  • Turning wandering thoughts into purposeful prayer.
  • Replacing negative reactions with God’s positive affirmations.
  • Being bold and deepening your relationship with God.

For moms groups

WHEN MOTHERHOOD IS NOT HOW YOU IMAGINED – Being a mom turned out to be very different from my dreams. Perhaps your role as a mother is not how you imagined or planned it to be. Yet, in the middle of our shattered plans and day-to-day struggles, we can have a hope and a future.

For Christmas events

THE LIVING LIGHT – What is there not to love about holiday decorations, especially the lights? When the days are short and the nights are long, these twinkling lights make our world a brighter place. Yet, often we yearn for light to dispel the darkness inside us, not just on the outside. Christmas is a time to welcome the Light of the World, who promises to transform our night into day, and our darkness into light.


  • Prompt responses to emails or phone calls
  • Honest and reliable communication
  • A servant heart and courteous demeanor before, during, and after the presentation
  • My absolute best effort in preparation for your event
  • My absolute best effort during the event as I deliver the presentation and interact with your event’s participants
  • An honest willingness to hear your feedback following the event

If you are interested in starting a conversation with Rachel about your event, please visit our contact form.