How To Effectively Move Forward In Your Relationships

Difficult relationships are worth praying for because: Prayer changes our focus. When we consider who we pray to—God, who is much bigger than our problem and ourselves—it helps

How To Reshape The Way You Think

One of the problems I have when a relationship isn’t going the way I expect, or if it has already gone sour, is I imagine all sorts of

What’s hindering your relationships and how to turn them around

We can learn a lot about the part we play in relationships when we practice asking God for his perspective and listening to him. One thing I’ve discovered

When You Pour Out In Prayer You Are Promised Peace

There’s a good reason why we should talk to God about our difficult relationships, and that is because the Bible tells us, in fact it does more, it

The Key To Healing Your Heart In A Bad Relationship

Usually I am quick to be angry, especially when a another person’s words or actions hurt me. It’s hard to forgive when someone has been mean, or worse,

The Best Place To Start When Praying For Difficult Relationships

A difficult relationship can leave us drained and exhausted. On one hand, we feel like turning our back and walking away. On the other hand, we are not

Why We Need To Pray For Difficult Relationships

When we’ve been hurt by another person and it’s not fixed, what do we do? When they neither seem to notice what they have done wrong, nor care