Goodbye Anxiety, Hello Joy!

I’m delighted to welcome fellow contributing author, Colette Schaffer, of Whispers of Grace to be sharing with us on the comfort we receive when turning to God our

A Prayer for When We Need Justice

Sometimes I just want to put things right. I want to step in and dispense a dose of justice. Whether it’s, still many years later, confronting the “friends”

3 Ways to Find Peace When We Face the Heat

I am delighted to welcome Cecille Valoria teaching us lessons from the Hydrangeas in her garden. I encourage you to take to heart and put into practice the

3 Principles to Help You Trust God

I love to ski and through this activity, I have learned a lot about trust that we can apply to our spiritual lives and trust in God.  I

How to Give Depth to Our Prayers

I am delighted to welcome Peg Arnold as my guest this week explaining a structure for prayer that has added depth to her prayers. Even if you are

Why Prayer Includes Being Watchful and Alert

When our children were young, we spent many of our summers visiting different national parks here in the USA — Glacier, Yellowstone and Yosemite, to name a few.

Bringing Your Real Words to the Welcoming Heart of God

I am delighted to welcome Michele Morin sharing with us. If you are feeling weary and overwhelmed and having doubts about the words to use when you pray,

How to Find Comfort Through Prayer

When we are in distress and life is full of problems, we can gain comfort from remembering who God is and giving him praise and thanks at the

How to Use Our Imaginations Well

I am delighted to welcome Krisie Brown sharing her wisdom on using our imaginations well. Be sure to download Krisie’s beautiful bookmark, found at the end of the

When Prayers Are Being Answered But Yours is Not

Sitting around the table with the other women on the prayer team, I found myself struggling to join in the celebration. A prayer had been answered and everyone