Discovering the Power of Earnest Prayer

Maybe you doubt whether your prayers can really be effective, especially when you’re asking for the impossible or what seems unlikely. In the back of your mind you’re

A Prayer to Trust God’s Protection

On a trip to the Mediterranean some years ago, I let my imagination run loose as I stepped into a real world of medieval fortresses and tales of

A Prayer When You Need Shelter

One thing you will notice, but not expect, when you step onto a New York City street is… side-walk scaffolding. Since I’ve lived in NYC, the metal structures

A Prayer to be Overflowing with Gifts

To have a pile of gifts is a treat. A birthday, wedding, graduation, or any other special occasion, most, if not all, of us enjoy receiving gifts.  Our

A Prayer to Make Lives Brighter

I never imagined I would be sitting in the gutter and enjoy fine dining, sometimes complete with white tablecloths and flowers.  Since the pandemic, New York City’s sidewalks

A Prayer When Struggling to be Thankful

I have a friend who keeps a gratitude journal. She writes in it every morning. I’m impressed. She gave me a journal, and I started to do the

A Prayer to See Beauty in Everything

I woke up to whack, whack, whack. It went on and on. It was not a thumping headache, although the sound was enough to give me one. We’d

A Prayer to Enjoy Your Forgiveness

Tied to the railings of an old stone church in our neighborhood is a big canvas sign. In large type with red and white colors, it says ENJOY

Being Bold in God’s Presence

Quite often we are timid in our praying rather than being bold. We may feel we do not deserve to be in the presence of a holy God.

A Prayer for God’s Undivided Attention

We want God’s undivided attention. Selfish? Not at all. We need his attentiveness to our prayers because without him, we know life can become futile, and we lose