3 Steps When You’re Struggling to Trust God

God wants us to trust Him. This might be easy to do when life is going well and we see God at work but when life gets difficult

A Prayer For When You’re Feeling Overwhelmed

Sometimes, life is overwhelming. We can feel like we’re constantly fighting battles, both big and small. We may feel like we’re always on the go, with never a

A Prayer to Move Forward

Don’t underestimate what God can use. Sometimes, those things we think are a hindrance or threat to moving forward are the very things God can use extraordinarily and

A Prayer for Knowing and Following God

Like me, you probably don’t have much contact with shepherds or sheep. Although on one occasion, when visiting a local farm near our home that was also an

A Prayer to Step into God’s Transforming Power

Sometimes we’d rather stay with what we know best and where we feel safest instead of stepping out into the unknown and experiencing God’s transforming power at work

A Prayer to Break Down Spiritual Barriers

Sometimes we may find it hard to pray. It can feel like a barrier, a brick wall, exists between us and God. Yet, on my trip to Israel,

A Prayer to Be Ourselves When We Worship

Sometimes, we can be unsure if the way we worship God is good enough or the right way. A visit to the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, nestled

A Prayer to be Thankful for Life

I walked a pathway where Jesus is thought to have walked, and it made me thankful for the path to life he gives. The orange glow of street

A prayer for when we feel defeated

Many things can make us feel defeated. Experiencing a loss, failure, losing a battle, or facing a crisis can make us feel like “this is over” whether it

How Jesus modeled prayer for us

Jesus needed to pray, to spend time with his Father. Jesus modeled prayer for us. He gave us an example to follow. I went to Galilee, where Jesus