Common Sense and God’s Guidance

When we pray for God’s guidance, we don’t just appeal to God’s promises to guide us well. We use our common sense too. Abraham had sent his trusted

How to Ask for Guidance – Part 1

What do you need guidance on? Perhaps you have an important decision to make. Maybe you are trying to find the right person to fill a role or

Praise God for His Guidance

Visiting a new city or historic site can be frustrating or fascinating and satisfying. Frustration comes from not knowing where to go, what to look at, or what

Praise God for His Power and Authority

After my daughter and I had stood in line for thirteen hours to show our respects to Queen Elizabeth II and her reign, it led me to consider

Praise God for His Royal Rule

When Queen Elizabeth II died, my daughter and I traveled to London and stood in line for thirteen hours to pay our respects. We flew to London from

Praise God for Being Faithful

A few summers ago my husband and I visited the ruins of Ephesus with some friends. We marveled at the beautiful and colorful mosaic floors being painstakingly restored

Praise God Who Fills Us with Hope

One summer in my early twenties and in between jobs, I worked as a sailing instructor at a center that gave inner-city children from London an opportunity to

Praise God for His Comforting Words and Actions

Comfort is being tucked up on a sofa, cushion behind your head, blanket over your legs, a mug of tea or coffee in your hands—and to make it

God’s selfless nature

Even though I grew up on a farm, I do not have much experience with farm animals. I know more about wheat, barley, sugar beet than I do

Praise God for Being Rock Solid

I love to hike in the summer months with my family. On one trip to Utah, we hiked a slot canyon. Slot canyons are narrow gorges with sheer