Do you have a dream you are afraid will never become reality?  Our #BeBoldGirl Evonna Surrette will inspire you to move out of your comfort zone and take a bold step to make it happen.  Welcome, Evonna! You’re going where? You’re doing what? Why? Ever been met with these types of responses by friends and family? I have!  Most recently, these questions were fired at me when I returned from a trip to Franklin, TN, and informed everyone that I was quitting my job and moving. I will admit, I even thought, Are you crazy? I decided to take a very BOLD and BLIND stepRead More →

Choosing to be BOLD When it Scares You

Wow! How would you feel getting in front of a television camera? Nervous? Read Paula Mosher Wallace’s #BeBoldGirl story as God tells her to share her story of abuse across the world. Perhaps God is calling you to step out of your comfort zone. Start a television show? What? No. That’s crazy! My mind was racing. I was being offered a television show on the Nashville Christian Television Network affiliate, WHTN. This was insane. Me? I didn’t even have television service to my apartment, where I lived with my three boys. I thought back to how I grew up as a missionary’s kid in theRead More →