1. Hi Shannon, I’m from Atlanta, have relatives in Cumming. I am glad you found a voice to encourage other women, turning our own pain to healing and helping others others deal with theirs is a way to bring us to our victory. I recently prayed for a lady who said she had been married three years and was asking for the fruit of her womb, so I agreed with her. He makes things beautiful in His time. I am in agreement with all the women who want babies, it is sort of a Hannah’s prayer. And I encourage people who can to foster or adopt. God bless.

    1. Hey Rebecca!! I’m only 10 minutes from Cumming! Small world. I couldn’t agree more, it really does bring Victory, and I’m often encouraged as I encourage others. I truly believe that my children will come in God’s perfect time. Look at the story of Joseph from Genesis. He comes from the line of Abraham and Sarah. If Isaac had been born when Abraham and Sarah wanted then Joseph wouldn’t have been around at the perfect time to save his family from famine. That to me gives me so much hope. I want my children to accomplish their specific purpose, so I can wait.

  2. Life is not linear, but God is faithful and He is the same yesterday, today and forever. Though He seems to answer our prayers differently with us being His unique children. Keep being brave, He has amazing plan for your life. I remember when I was waiting, it seemed endless, the struggle was brutal, but when baby came you can see that God was in the midst of it all and He is with you. He is with us, even when we don’t feel it.

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