Work Elevated 10: Discovering Secular Success has Spiritual Significance

God wants you to be successful in what you do. He makes your progress possible because he has a plan not only for you, but for the place

Work Elevated 9: How to be Wise at Work

When I’ve prayed for a solution to a problem in my secular work and God has answered my prayer, I tend to keep it to myself rather than

Work Elevated 8: Help Others Be Successful

Have you found yourself paying for other people’s mistakes—dragged in and included in the negative consequences of other people’s actions, which you had nothing to do with? You’re

Work Elevated 7: Turn impossible to possible

How do you react when an impossible demand is made of you? Do you rise to the occasion with the attitude this is not going to beat me?

Work Elevated 6: How to earn respect in your battles

Deciding to stand up for something you believe in can often lead to opposition However, it doesn’t always have to be a rough ride. Some of it depends

Work Elevated 5: Choose Your Battles Carefully

Often we think we need to make a stand for everything we believe in. If not, how do we look different from those around us? The problem is,

Work Elevated 4: How to be Determined

When you start something new, do you firmly decide on a course of action? When I left home for college, I resolved to do two things: I decided

WORK ELEVATED 3: Finding Your Focus

If the path you’re going down looks wrong to other people, then they’ll probably tell you about it. A leader at the church my son Max attends questioned

WORK ELEVATED 2: Knowing God has a Plan for You

When a college or employer of your choice has selected you, it’s exciting. Other times, you may not be so thrilled.. When my daughter received her acceptance letter

WORK ELEVATED 1: You’ve Been Selected

Most of us are familiar with the process for getting into college or applying for a job. Our family has been through the college process over and over