1. Great advice. Daniel didn’t make a fuss about praying either. He just quietly went to his room, faced Jerusalem, and prayed, despite the order from the king. His quiet obedience to God seemed to get him into the worst kind of trouble, but instead, his witness changed hearts. Thanks for the reminder that I need to be more like Daniel.

  2. I too, try to pick my battles. Just the other day, I let go of something that was totally a wrong against me, and it was not a small thing. I knew if I kept defending myself from an obvious lie, the devil would keep making me look guilty. God always knows the truth, I like your phrase, standing down to stand up.

  3. So true. I just had a discussion last night with my teenage son about choosing his battles. He disagrees with one of his teachers, and we agreed that the current classroom battle isn’t worth a fight. Thank you for the Daniel example…I will use this next time we talk.

  4. I really like this post; especially this right here: Standing up for what you believe sometimes means standing down. Daniel was a great example to use for this principle. Thank you for sharing. Stopping by from Grace and Truth Link Up.

  5. Good morning, neighbor! Thanks for gentle reminder to choose our battles, to purpose in our hearts what’s worth going to the mat for.

    We only have so much energy to go around each day … may it be for God’s purposes in our lives, in this season.

  6. So much wisdom in this! I love this reminder. Do the things God calls us to do. Fight those battles. He may have someone else that needs to stand in another situation and when we take it over they may not have the chance. Wisdom is the key.

    And you’re so right….it does get annoying to people when we constantly battle. I’m sure Jesus saw plenty of things He wanted to right, but He did the things the Father called Him to. That’s a wise example 🙂

    1. Author

      Thanks for pointing is to Jesus, Becky. You’re right, he could have picked out everything little thing that mattered, but he didn’t.

  7. This is so true. The people who get upset over everything are ones no one listens to. So what’s the point then?

  8. Rachel, this is really wise advice and Daniel’s example is something to remember when faced with so many situations we run across in life. Thank you!

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