WORK ELEVATED 2: Knowing God has a Plan for You

When a college or employer of your choice has selected you, it’s exciting. Other times, you may not be so thrilled..

When my daughter received her acceptance letter to art college I was excited for her. If I’m honest though, I had a niggling hesitation, too.

I didn’t doubt her ability to succeed, but I felt uncertain about the environment she would be going into. When I saw the Facebook profile picture of her roommate with pitch black hair and the scary-looking boyfriend, I was worried. “Would art college be an okay place for my daughter?” I fretted.

Maybe you can relate to my reservations.

Perhaps you’re stressing whether the next step is right for your child or young adult. Or your own situation worries you. “Is this the place God wants me to be?” you are asking.

I am sure Daniel and his parents were distraught at the thought of Daniel being taken by force by their Babylonian occupiers.

The Babylonians worshiped many gods, not the one true God. They did not live as holy people.

Nebuchadnezzar, the king of Babylon, had no respect for the Jewish religion, either. He took items from the temple when he invaded Jerusalem. He believed it gave him power over the Jewish deity. (The IVP Bible Background Commentary p 729)

God desired for his people to keep the temple and it’s objects holy, as He is holy. Now these articles sat among unholy pagan gods.

Daniel was taken thousands of miles away to Babylon. The position of this ancient city is near Baghdad, in present day Iraq.

If you are not learning or working in the job or college of your choice, if you are entering an irreligious or faithless place, do not fear. Rest assured; God has a plan for you. #WorkElevated

For us, this would be like you or your child being taken and trained up by Saddam Hussein—to work in his palaces, learn the Iraqi way of life, it’s religion and associated laws.

How would you respond? Most of us would be repulsed and distraught. We would urge our family, friends, and especially our church family to pray fervently, so God would deliver and free us from such a terrible future.

Would we possibly think this was what God wanted?

Daniel and his family had no choice but to accept the fate upon them. The Babylonians were far too powerful for them to put up a fight. As they saw their son taken away, I’m sure they prayed frantically to the sovereign God—to adonay—to rescue their child.

Surprisingly, God allowed all of it to happen. Why? Because it was part of his plan.

What was happening to Daniel was exactly what God wanted. God had selected Daniel for this particular job—to go and be trained in the royal court of Nebuchadnezzar. No matter how ungodly the man and how pagan the situation God wanted Daniel in the middle of it.

God had a purpose and a plan and he selected Daniel to carry it out for him.

God was going to use Daniel, a young Hebrew man. God was going to speak through him to the most powerful man in the world at that time.

If you are not in the job or college of your choice, if you are entering an irreligious or faithless place, do not fear. Rest assured; God has a plan for you

God has chosen you to be in this position for his purpose. Maybe he wants to use you to speak to the most powerful person in your company or the dean of your college.

Dear Lord, even though my situation at work or college might be far from the ideal what I want, help me to see you have a plan and a purpose in it. Amen.

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