1. Wonderful perspective, Rachel. Not easy yet we need to trust God for He has put both us and our children in the exact place we need to be. May He be with both you and your daughter this school semester!

  2. I saw your daughter, left her a message on her post. I can imagine the roommate. I used to believe i got rejections slips as writer because maybe God didn’t want me there, I know it wasn’t true. The enemy didn’t want me there. I told Phoebe, I would have loved to been able to do what she’s doing, I once applied for a Disney fellowship. I can understand those maternal instincts, but she has been well taught.

  3. Trusting God has a plan is the path of peace. How much more peace would we have if we recognized God’s appointments in our lives. It seems we are all striving for what we think is best without realizing God is the only one who gets to say what is BEST! Loving this series!

    1. Author

      Yes, Liz, so often we strive thinking we know best and going after what we think is best.

  4. Amen Rachel. Trusting God is the fabric of living as a Christian. We have seen His plan work out for the best all through scripture. He may not give us all the details, but He instructs us to Him. I am always inspired when I visit and read your thoughts. Thanks for your sincere honesty and for sharing biblical truths. Be well and may God bless you and y ours.

  5. That is a whole ‘nother level of trust, isn’t it? I just had a deeper revelation on trust through reading this post. I’m pretty sure I’m not quite where I should be in the area of trust. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Author

      Thank you, Rosanna, for being honest. I’m glad God was able to bring a deeper revelation through this post.

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