1. “Being a Christian, standing up for a value we believe in is not about making a point on what we believe is right, it’s being like Jesus.”

    Oh wow, I couldn’t agree more. Love how you’re pointing us to Christ by the example of Daniel. Suggesting what we know is right instead of making demands is the best way to highlight Jesus instead of ourselves. I’ve experienced this so many times. Thank you so much for sharing!!

  2. This part resonated with me–Daniel treated others how he would like to be treated, even under duress. Such a good lesson to teach my children–Thanks for the reminder, Rachel.

  3. Believers have a reputation to live down, I think, and there’s a way to be reasonable and winsome and still maintain the integrity of our convictions.
    Great post, Rachel. Thank you!

    1. Author

      Reasonable and winsome. And it’s just made me think – listening to others, too, is important. We can listen and still maintain the integrity of our convictions.

  4. The heart of every situation is to trust and believe God is in charge of the situation. Loving this series about Daniel and lessons we can learn from his behavior.

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