1. That was overwhelming. We all have that in some way I believe like keeping our guard up.

    1. Yes, it is a very common happening! We put our walls up and our masks on. However, to truly know how to love others, we have to learn how to be loved! Matthew 10:8b says, “Freely you have received; freely give.” So Rebecca, don’t be afraid to take your mask off and learn to be truly loved by God and by others!

  2. Dear Karen, “bold to receive”, what a paradigm shift! Who among us hasn’t needed the tangible help of others along the way? Being self-sufficient not only denies us of that help, it denies the giver the blessing of giving. Thanks and blessings for sharing this wonderful word!

    1. It is a paradigm shift! Yes, it definitely denies others of being a blessing! I think this is the reason why we hear so many ladies saying they don’t feel connected. When I hear that phrase, it automatically raises my awareness that receiving might be an issue. My experience is if you don’t know how to receive from others, then you probably don’t know how to receive from God either. Learning to receive is so important!

  3. I really enjoyed your blog and have stomped on roses many times throughout the last 4 years of my life especially with the losses I have had. But I’m encouraged to be bold in receiving from your inspirational post. I’m your neighbor from Coffee for Your Heart.

    1. So glad you have been encouraged! I’m praying that you would be able to let God love you in the middle of losses and that you will allow others into your pain. We can only heal what we choose to feel, reveal with safe people, and receive care for that pain. So let others into your pain, my friend! You will be surprised at the healing that comes when you do!

  4. Karen, thank you for sharing. It is hard for those of us who think we should be “super mom, wife, friend, etc” to receive from others. It is also joyful to receive the support and love from others.

    1. You are correct. Some of us wear the super mom cape often. I even have a wonder woman jacket I wear on occasion! Ha! However, I want others to be able to receive my love gifts when I give them and I am blessed when I give! So it is only right that I learn to receive from others. That was hard and still hard some days. I’m a work in progress. I think it was even harder for me to learn to fully receive from God. Once again, I dig my heels in at times still. But learning to allow Him to love me is what He desires to give me.

  5. Thank you for your insight to being bold enough. I too have stomped on many roses in the past. I have learned to accept all gifts graciously. I want the person who gave me the gift to know that I really appreciate it. Since my faith journey started I am less stressed, my mind is clearer and I worry less.

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