1. I find it hard to let go of the hurt and anger that I feel towards my sister. I guess I just don’t understand why she treats me the way she does. I have never done anything to her to deserve this treatment. I have just sent a prayer up to God to help me to no longer feel hurt or angry. I can’t change the way my sister feels. But, I can change the way I feel about our relationship.

  2. Rachel, how timely. I’m just beginning to get the idea that we can be hated for no reason, or without a cause, just for being a believer, or even just because the Lord’s favor is on us. The Lord recently warned me about anger, it does well up when people hurt you. I love this line, Yet, fury is a poor bandage for an injured heart. I used to say like band aiding a bullet wound. I have prayed that prayer but about the devil, there’s also a verse about breaking his teeth. Sometimes, I see it is necessary to pray against the devil rather than for people. Many are praying for healing and really need deliverance. Praying the Lord’s hand in your son’s situation, great post.

  3. This past weekend I had a huge fight with my husband. He left me stranded in New Hampshire so he could go to a meeting. My son came and pick me and my best friend up. Later that evening my husband called because he got into an accident and was about to be arrested for leaving the scene of an accident. He called me to come pick him up. I said I couldn’t because I didn’t have a car. I was so upset all day by the way he treated me. My son went and picked him up. I think my son had a talk with him because he apologized as soon as he came into the house. I prayed all day. When we were fighting I did not raise my voice once. That is a big step for me. I usually add fuel to the fire. But being involved in this study has made me more at peace.

    1. Author

      Jamie, what a hard day you had this past weekend. But, how wonderful that you prayed and brought it to God. Keep going to God, and as you have already experienced He will give you peace. That’s what we’re talking about in Thursday, February 22nd’s blog post. God promises us peace – keep asking God to fulfill his promise in your life when you bring these arguments to Him.

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