1. I am glad you said ,”I know I have prayed, pouring out everything to God, yet misery and anguish still plagues me afterwards and throughout the day and night. Relief doesn’t come easily. Leaving our burdens with God is easier said than done.”. Most of the time when I pray about something, a honestly, it’s mostly about my prodigal daughters, thing seem to get worse, or I get bad news or something. Many times, within hours or praying. It has been very very difficult to keep going. To keep praying because I feel like the prayers are not making a difference. In fact, I’ve come to believe that somehow I’m making things worse. That I’m “jinxed”, which I know is stupid. So then I begin to think that God has it in for me. Or has a warped sense of humor.
    But fear of what will happen if I don’t pray causes me to keep trying.
    I just hope that God WILL hear, will give me peace, will give me some kind of sign that he is actually working on my daughters and that maybe my prayers WILL bring forth fruit. And soon

    1. Author

      Amy, I am so sorry those thoughts of praying makes it worse, or God has it in for me. I know what you mean exactly. Doubts fill my mind at times, too. But, it is the enemy wanting you to stop praying because he knows your prayers are powerful and effective. I’m wondering if you could find some people to pray with you about your daughters? Moms in Prayer International came to mind. Here is a link to their web site and praying for prodigals. Scroll down and you will find two links – one is Promises for Parents of Prodigals and Praying Scripturally for Prodigals. https://momsinprayer.org/get-involved/join-a-group/moms-praying-for-prodigals/ Amy, I apologise for taking so long to reply to your comment. I have been sick with flu. However, I hope the Moms in Prayer resource helps. I had a grandmother praying for me and I’m convinced it kept me safe during those years I was doing my own thing.

      1. It’s “ironic” that you should respond on March 2, my prodigal’s birthday. While we are suffering through a nor’easter and a blizzard and lost power which means our basement was flooding, she was more concerned about partying and drinking then she was with the problems her family was dealing with. I’m talking about children being stuck at school and one buses until 8:30 at night because the roads were so bad and powerlines and trees were coming down. Her dad and sister being stuck in the city because the trains were not running. Etc. And then she got mad at me because I kind of said I really didn’t want to hear about the drinking right now because we were dealing with the flooding basement Which means that if the water got a pie enough we would lose our heating and air-conditioning unit as well as the washer and dryer and water heater etc.. I understand she is 3000 miles away in the Hollywood where it is not at all like it is here on the north east but, a little sympathy would’ve gone a long way. Plus I really didn’t want to hear about the fact that she was tipsy from drinking wine and champagne. Anyway I thank you for your reply. I will look into the links you sent and I thank you. I have gotten so paranoid about praying that I dare not pray out loud for fear Satan hears me and throws another wrench in the works.

        1. Author

          Amy, I hope this recent snowstorm hasn’t added to the problems in your home from the last nor’easter. Sometimes, like you say, we misunderstanding the other person – and they misunderstand us, too. That’s the focus of my blog post for this week in How To Reshape The Way You Think. Try to bring all your fears, frustrations and anger to the feet of Jesus – the One who has the power to change all situations, even the weather! Praying for you as you struggle through these winter storms.

  2. River of living water flowing out all the bad through our mouths. I love this analogy. I’ve often wished i could rewind and erase the moments that play over and over, bit giving it to God is better let Him erase and be like Joseph, He causes me to forget.

  3. I try to bring all my troubles to God. Sometimes this is difficult. It is easy to say you lift up all your cares to God but isn’t always so easy when you are in a crisis. I talk to God all day long. He has helped me get through so many troubles. I recently had to have a procedure done to test my throat muscles and swallowing reflexes. I read about it online and scared myself. There were all kinds of horror stories of this procedure gone bad. I prayed to God waiting for my appointment. The procedure was not as bad as the comments on the internet gave. I am glad it is over. I was going to take anxiety meds before the procedure. But, I chose to lift up my worries to God instead.

    1. Author

      Well done trusting God with your procedure. It’s so tempting to read about things on the Internet, and a lot of it can be incorrect. Hope you are doing well healthwise.

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