When You Pour Out In Prayer You Are Promised Peace

There’s a good reason why we should talk to God about our difficult relationships, and that is because the Bible tells us, in fact it does more, it promises us we will receive peace.

Honestly, though this often seems impossible. I know I have prayed, pouring out everything to God, yet misery and anguish still plagues me afterwards and throughout the day and night. Relief doesn’t come easily. Leaving our burdens with God is easier said than done.

In the book of Psalms in the Bible, we find David experienced the same problem. David asked God: How long must I wrestle with my thoughts and day after day have sorrow in my heart? I find myself asking the same kind of thing.

There’s a good reason why we should talk to God about our difficult relationships

Words that have upset me, and actions that have hurt me, keep replaying in my mind. It’s hard to free myself of my worries. I have to repeatedly practice giving my troubling thoughts to God and leave them with God.

We must make sure we leave our anger, pain and frustrations with God after we have prayed through them. So often we walk away with our heavy load instead of handing it over to God.

We see the issues we’re dealing with as ours to solve instead of letting our heavenly Father take care of them.

Quite often, when I’m praying, I have to imagine putting my anger and frustrations in a big sack. I chain the sack to God’s throne to ensure I leave my troubles with him.

You need to channel your despair into prayer and leave it there.

Prayer can make a difference. The Bible tells us to pray in every situation, even our most difficult relationships, then we will receive peace beyond our understanding.

Passionate prayer and peace come hand in hand.

Praying about your struggles in this way is worthwhile. Persevere! You will find relief for letting it out to God.

It is better to get all those pent up emotions out with God rather than spewing our woes to another person, as much as talking to someone else helps.

We will never regret opening up to God about a sour relationship, but when we’ve had an emotional rant to a friend, in hindsight we might regret what we’ve said. We might wish we could take back the words and critical picture we’ve painted of the person we have a gripe against.

Here’s another way to think about it: Our prayers during the storms in our lives need to be like a fast-flowing river, which carries a lot of debris. Eventually a fast flowing river will deposit its sediment somewhere, usually at the mouth of the river. This sediment is mineral-rich and makes excellent farmland.

When we give our doubts and fears, anxieties, and anger to God in prayer, he turns what looks like debris into rich and fertile ground from which we bear fruit.

Dear God, thank you for your promise of peace. When I can’t find any peace myself, help me to remember that laying my anxieties at your feet is the path towards finding freedom from my troubles. Amen.

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