Singapore’s air hung like a heavy blanket. The sun desperately wanted to shine; it could only manage a pale glow.

Nearby, farmers on the island of Sumatra were using a technique called slash and burn to chop down rainforest, set it on fire, and create farmland. Smoke from the fires, carried by the wind, caused dense smog to form in Singapore, in what was already hot, humid, and hazy weather.

Singapore skyline

Singapore SentosaWe could see it in the air. We could smell it when we stepped outside. We could feel it burning our throats. Singapore’s Celebration Run & Ride event became a walk and ride as organizers lamented the Pollutants Standards Index in the highly unhealthy range.

When we overcome the urge to do wrong, our good qualities can be seen. How can you clear the air in your own life and let God’s light shine brightly through you today?

The farmers in their desire for more land had not considered the consequences of their actions. They didn’t reflect on how their activities would affect the environment and people far away.

When we feed our desires, we are in danger of hurting our world and other people, too. We need to stop and think; to consider what we’re doing.

It’s funny how the next day I received a notification on my phone that fit with this thought. It said: Time to SIN 27 minutes (2 minutes delay).

You may be wondering why I was receiving an alert about an imminent transgression. Of course, the message had nothing to do with my behavior. Google was telling me how long it would take to get from my hotel to Singapore’s airport—the airport code for Singapore is SIN.

Wouldn’t it be great though, if we received a warning before we said words or took actions we’d later regret? When that hurtful comment pops out of your mouth, you already know it’s too late. Don’t you wish you could take back the remarks? Or the time you ignored a person and realized you would not have another opportunity to be kind to them. Don’t you wish you could go back and change the moment?

Knowing in advance when we’re going to blunder, or having a two-minute delay to consider changing our ways, would give us the opportunity to fix our attitude and behavior, and improve our relationships.

The Bible says when we’re enticed to do wrong, there is always a way out. Temptation doesn’t have to lead to sin. There’s nothing shameful about being tempted. Even Jesus was tempted, in exactly the same way we are. The problem comes when we follow through on the desire to do something wrong.

However, scripture points to two things that can help us find a way out;

PRAY. The Lord’s Prayer reminds us to ask God for help when we’re lured to do wrong. And God is faithful. He will not let us be enticed beyond what we are able to resist.

WATCH. Jesus told his disciples to be alert when they were tempted. We must train ourselves to be on the lookout. We need to try and do better, to have self-control.

Eventually the burning stopped and the air cleared in Singapore. The sun shone, and it was hot, very hot.

In the same way, when we overcome the urge to do wrong, our good qualities can be seen.

How can you clear the air in your own life and let God’s light shine brightly through you today?

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  • Great post! I love the analogy of the burning wood, and how we don’t realize how much our sinful actions can harm others. And the phone notification! Wouldn’t it be nice for our phones to remind us of when to say a kind word to someone, or send scriptures to us when we need them? So much to think about in your post–thanks for sharing with Grace and Truth!

    • There must be an app that does that. If not, you’ve got me thinking and now I want to create one. With the help of my techy husband we did create a prayer app that goes with my book. It’s called Prayer Zone Workout and gives you a daily prayer prompt.

  • I loved your post! You have a wonderful gift for applying God’s word. It would be great for our phones to alert us to approaching temptation or sin. Although, I do receive a check in my spirit that I rely on!

  • Such a good word, Rachel! On one hand, I think I would want my phone to send those reminders…but then again, I’d probably not. 🙁 Love this reminder that there’s always a way out. God has provided it! Thanks for sharing at #RaRaLinkup!

  • What a great story with so many things to reflect upon tucked inside! I was blessed by your photos as well as the excellent reminders within the writing. Thanks! May the Lord continue to guide your heart and bless us with what you offer here!

  • Oh man, I’m afraid if my phone sent notifications when I was about to send, it’d be dinging all day long! I really like your good word this morning that temptation doesn’t have to result in sin. God is so faithful to provide the way of escape. Thank you Rachel! #raralinkup

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