1. Oh man, I’m afraid if my phone sent notifications when I was about to send, it’d be dinging all day long! I really like your good word this morning that temptation doesn’t have to result in sin. God is so faithful to provide the way of escape. Thank you Rachel! #raralinkup

  2. What a great story with so many things to reflect upon tucked inside! I was blessed by your photos as well as the excellent reminders within the writing. Thanks! May the Lord continue to guide your heart and bless us with what you offer here!

  3. Such a good word, Rachel! On one hand, I think I would want my phone to send those reminders…but then again, I’d probably not. 🙁 Love this reminder that there’s always a way out. God has provided it! Thanks for sharing at #RaRaLinkup!

  4. I loved your post! You have a wonderful gift for applying God’s word. It would be great for our phones to alert us to approaching temptation or sin. Although, I do receive a check in my spirit that I rely on!

    1. Author

      I love your point, Robin, that the Holy Spirit gives your spirit a prompt so you receive a check that you rely on.

  5. Great post! I love the analogy of the burning wood, and how we don’t realize how much our sinful actions can harm others. And the phone notification! Wouldn’t it be nice for our phones to remind us of when to say a kind word to someone, or send scriptures to us when we need them? So much to think about in your post–thanks for sharing with Grace and Truth!

    1. Author

      There must be an app that does that. If not, you’ve got me thinking and now I want to create one. With the help of my techy husband we did create a prayer app that goes with my book. It’s called Prayer Zone Workout and gives you a daily prayer prompt.

  6. Getting a text would be awesome, but then we wouldn’t need God’s strength.
    I hope the air is better now!

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