1. Living in the country as I do, it’s fascinating for me to think about your life in the city. And Jesus went where the press of people kept neediness before His eyes at every stop. I miss that, but am thankful for the ways He keeps me invested in others.
    Blessings, Rachel!

  2. This is such a captivating post! I love all the details you’ve shared… and all to bring us back to how we can live the way Jesus did… amongst the grubby and grimy. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Great message Rachel thank you! I really enjoy your writing. My husband just recently preached on Matthew 28:16 The Great Commission (not the great suggestion lol). And he said the “go” in verse 19 is translated as, “as you go”. So wherever we go we are to make disciples. I love that because some are called like Paul to go to all nations but we who are not should make disciples “as we go” even at Starbucks, one of my favorite places! May the Lord continue to bless you in abundance❤️

    1. Author

      Thanks, Susan, for pointing out that translation of Matthew 28:16. That’s a great way to think about it and put it into action.

  4. Hi Rachel, I saw a lot in Atlanta, not quite on foot, I like the city and the burbs. And I thought I couldn’t be surprised by anything anymore but I heard news second hand, because I don’t wach it anymore, a woman calls 911, her pet boa constrictor is locked around her neck biting her nose, grandparents let another baby die in a hot car, and a grandma watching a toddler, who had been warned about dangerous dogs is knocked down and drag him to death. People just don’t seem to care about each other anymore. Jesus said you’d always have the poor, I too, need more compassion.

  5. Love reading about your new life in NYC! I didn’t know you worked full-time as a writer, Rachel. May the Lord bless you as you settle in to your new city. Izmir (5,000,000) is plenty big for me. I love riding public transport because it reconnects me with the people in a way that driving my car around never does.

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