1. I remember those fires, some of the smoke was seen even in Atlanta. That must have been harrowing to be so close.

  2. Wow – what an experience, Mitzi – and thank you for making this post possible, Rachel.

    I’m particularly struck by your last paragraph: “The circumstances were not what we expected, but God honored all that we had planned. His provision gave us everything we needed. He provided protection and safety and He gave us much needed time together.”

    Robert and I have been RV-ing full time for a while now, and boy-oh-boy have we experienced God’s hand at every turn. There’s nothing like being on the road to feel God’s blessings despite all the issues that can show up. We read about those fires and had a serious discussion on what our choices would be should be in/traveling through such an area with our RV. Bottom line? Trusting in God is our only choice, no matter where we live because He does provide all we need.

  3. Wow, Mitzi! I didn’t know you were there then! What a blessing to witness God at work even in the midst of a tragedy! XO

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