1. How true, Rachel!! Appearing to have it all together when we really don’t gets us nowhere.I don’t want to live a lie, pretending to be more together than I really am. So great to know there is hope in Jesus and that we can come just as we are. Thanks for sharing!

  2. This is so good. I so identify with your story. (And we’re the pastors of the church!!!!) 🙂 Let’s invite Him in.

  3. Rachel, I had to laugh because our 10 min. trek to church on Sundays with 2 teens and 1 tween in tow sounds amazingly similar to yours. Thank God for eye-opening counsel with wisdom that allows us to see the fallacy of perfection. He’s such a good God and loving Father, guiding us “imperfects” perfectly. Happy Thanksgiving, friend. Visiting via #raralinkup and #testimonyTuesday.

  4. Oh we know those Sunday mornings well. Why are they the worst times for a family?
    We will come as we are.

  5. I have definetly been hurting and disappointed in myself lately, feeling unworthy of even saying Im a Christian. This has been the most ministering,uplifting, healing message I have heard. I am so very truly grateful to have read this message. God bless YOU. You have uplifted me at a time I truly needed it the most.

    1. Author

      Amber, I am was glad to read your comment but I also hope you will continue to know you are worthy and Jesus heals all your hurts. Take care, my friend.

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