How to Pray for Someone Who Is in a Mess

As well as coming to Jesus with what is weighing us down and trusting that he will make our burdens lighter, there is a communal aspect of making

Praying to Have a Heart That Understands

Discouraged and disappointed. These are the two words that could be used to describe the two men walking along the road from Jerusalem to Emmaus. Circumstances had not

A Prayer to Know Truth Even When You Doubt

I feel sorry for Thomas, the disciple of Jesus, who is labeled “doubting Thomas.” He is known—all this years later—for his disbelief that Jesus had risen from the

The Prayer That Means We’re Never Abandoned

On Good Friday two thousand years ago, the criminal asked—prayed—for Jesus to “remember” him before he went to sheol, the land of forgetfulness. And Jesus replied with an affirmative yes! “Today you

Why Our Prayers Can Begin “Remember Me…”

I have to wonder about the words—well, they are more like a prayer—of the criminal on the cross next to Jesus.  “Jesus, remember me when you come into

Praise God Who Fills Us with Hope

One summer in my early twenties and in between jobs, I worked as a sailing instructor at a center that gave inner-city children from London an opportunity to

God’s selfless nature

Even though I grew up on a farm, I do not have much experience with farm animals. I know more about wheat, barley, sugar beet than I do

A Prayer to Step into God’s Transforming Power

Sometimes we’d rather stay with what we know best and where we feel safest instead of stepping out into the unknown and experiencing God’s transforming power at work

A Prayer to Break Down Spiritual Barriers

Sometimes we may find it hard to pray. It can feel like a barrier, a brick wall, exists between us and God. Yet, on my trip to Israel,

A Prayer to Be Ourselves When We Worship

Sometimes, we can be unsure if the way we worship God is good enough or the right way. A visit to the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, nestled