A Prayer to Be Ourselves When We Worship

Sometimes, we can be unsure if the way we worship God is good enough or the right way. A visit to the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, nestled

A Prayer to be Thankful for Life

I walked a pathway where Jesus is thought to have walked, and it made me thankful for the path to life he gives. The orange glow of street

How Jesus modeled prayer for us

Jesus needed to pray, to spend time with his Father. Jesus modeled prayer for us. He gave us an example to follow. I went to Galilee, where Jesus

The power of God to give you strength

Last time, we discovered how trusting in God’s kindness shown to us enables us to be kind to others. If you missed it, you can read it here.

A Prayer for God’s Undivided Attention

We want God’s undivided attention. Selfish? Not at all. We need his attentiveness to our prayers because without him, we know life can become futile, and we lose

The Rewards of Faithfulness

Jesus says we are to have faith—great faith. But, even faith that is the size of mustard seed is rewarded.  Having faith, in Jesus, begins with the greatest

Allowing Jesus in Your Everyday Life

Nestled on the northwest shore of Galilee, Capernaum, lies in ruins. It was deserted long ago. I visited on an October day of bright blue skies. The sun

We must love each other

I’m sure your family is just like mine. We can be kindhearted to each other and get along, but we can also be inconsiderate and fall out. We

God says forgive others – again

Forgiving others can be tough to do. It’s hard to forgive people who hurt us or frustrate us—he or she has said something or not said something, done

Today’s Prayer Prompt Day 97

The person of Jesus Christ is altogether powerful to change our lives in every aspect. But, how often do we focus on the richness of who Jesus is