No Relationship is Out of God’s Reach

Most of us are dealing with difficult people, whether it is family or friends. Perhaps you think that’s an understatement when you think about the relationships in your

Having Confidence in God’s Love

Daniel, who survived a night with lions, was a man determined to stay true to God and follow God, wherever that took him.  Daniel was also completely confident

The Simplicity of Asking God for Guidance

Think about how you ask for directions. You make it simple, straightforward, and use words that you know, especially if you’re asking in a foreign language. It is

Common Sense and God’s Guidance

When we pray for God’s guidance, we don’t just appeal to God’s promises to guide us well. We use our common sense too. Abraham had sent his trusted

God Meets Us in the Lonely Places

We can struggle to find time to pray when our days are full. Life can be busy from the moment we get up until we go to bed.

3 Steps When You’re Struggling to Trust God

God wants us to trust Him. This might be easy to do when life is going well and we see God at work but when life gets difficult

How Jesus modeled prayer for us

Jesus needed to pray, to spend time with his Father. Jesus modeled prayer for us. He gave us an example to follow. I went to Galilee, where Jesus

A Prayer for Guidance by God’s Spirit

If you’re looking for God’s guidance but you feel inadequate, especially when you pray about it, then I want to encourage you that help is at hand. Here

A prayer for guidance for your next step

So far, we’ve looked at two ways in which we can get guidance from God—Scripture and Sense. The third way God can guide us is through Signs.  I

How to be Reassured in a New Year

New Year’s Eve. The cusp of two years. One is about to be left behind. The other stretches out ahead. Our reaction, as we stand at this point,