1. Prayer is my absolute favorite topic. It’s Truly Sole (SOUL) Communication with my Abba-Father, Yeshua Hamashiac!
    I learned some years ago that a central goal for me is to make every breath; every heartbeat an opportunity to be in sync with beseeching my Lord. That thought keeps me conscious of His Holy presence. Dr. C.F. Stanley said just this past weekend; “Everywhere is in His presence”… that means I am as well! Thank you for this 🎗️ reminder.

    1. Author

      Ava, I’m glad to hear prayer is your favorite topic – and it’s wonderful to learn how you are making it into a well practiced topic. Amen to “Everywhere is in His presence.”

  2. There is power in prayer, I’ve experienced it in my own life. I remember praying a scripture verse under my breath while at work because I needed the Holy Spirit’s intervention. I’ve prayed heartfelt prayers for healing for people I don’t know but their need was so great. God is always working, even if we can’t see it.

    1. Author

      So good that you’ve experienced the power of prayer in your life, Nancy, because it gives us the confidence to continue praying for all situations and other people.

  3. Thank you for these practical suggestions for how to refocus our prayers into praises!

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