1. Hi Rachel. I recently read the story of Hannah again in my One Year Bible. I agree, I can’t imagine vowing to give up Samuel after she waited so long. Yet now, I’m reading about how Samuel’s life brought righteousness in corruption. If Hannah hadn’t given him up for the Lord’s service, all of Israel would have suffered. This encourages me as a mom of a teen and two tweens. Visiting from #testimonytuesday this week.

    1. Author

      Yes, Sarah, Samuel was a huge blessing to Israel. And, God blessed Hannah richly with many more children. A lesson to us when we have to give up things or let go of people we love.

  2. God never ceases to amaze me. Whatever I read is what I need. I was reading about marriage a couple of days ago, then I have had the opportunity to share that. And remember the breathing? Yes, shared that. Now today, I have two gifts to mail, nobody would have remembered or noticed or missed them, but I keep my promises. My mother taught me well, but the Heavenly Father has an eye on this sparrow.

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      Rebecca, I love how God guides us to read what we need. Keep sharing. How great that your mother taught you how to keep promises. That’s wonderful.

  3. Rachel, this is a thought-provoking post. I never really thought about promising God something IF He granted my prayer. Yet Hannah did it! I do, however, prefer the model, “Lord, I’m asking you for this, but I will trust and love and serve you no matter what answer you give.’

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