1. I love this!
    Bold prayers flow from bold faith, and this is an area I’m certainly working on, by grace.
    Thanks for this encouragement.

    1. Author

      Always love having you visit Michele, and your wisdom. I’m sure you are a bold pray-er.

  2. It is amazing to think that we can come to God boldly and confidently, without fear, because of what Jesus has done.

  3. This is what God has had on my mind as well. Getting things back on track this year!

  4. Another great post on prayer, Rachel! We can get so caught up in the ‘right’ way to pray when our Father just wants us to come to Him as we are. Thanks for sharing on Grace and Truth. I’ve shared your post on my FB group page.

    1. Author

      Thanks Aimee. You are so right, our Father just wants us to come to Him as we are. Thanks for sharing on your FB group page.

  5. I was recently challenged, or rather inspired to look at Gods Word. And pray his word into my life and as an intercessor for my son, grandchildren, and those who interact with all of us daily. Everyone knows I am a Christian because I am confident about my relationship with Jesus Christ. Though, I have not been a bold prayer. I want to be a bold and confident prayer warrior. I have started writing specific prayers in a journal. Thank you for adding to my inspiration to pray Gods word, by encouraging me to pray boldly and with confidence. God bless you through the blood and resurrection of our Savior Jesus Christ. You are my sister in Christ, what a blessing.

  6. I have been battling with love for my oldest sister. When my mom passed away she was very hurtful towards me. She tried to kick me out of my mother’s house after my mom passed away from pancreatic cancer. I was her caregiver for the last two years of her life. I know it is not very christian of me to hold a grudge. I don’t think I want a relationship with her anymore. But, I do wish that I could let go of the hurt and anger. I am hoping this workshop will help me get through that.

    1. Author

      Grief seems to bring out the worst in some people. I have seen it in my own family when my mother died of cancer. I have seen it in friends families, too. I can understand the hurt you are feeling. The pain can run deep. I recommend as you work through the Tough Love Prayer Challenge, bring your hurt to God and Jesus. God is the Great Physician and he can heal our emotional wounds. I also believe we should not put ourselves in harm’s way and should keep away from our abuser until they stop. God can work miracles in our relationships. I hope this brings you hope.

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