1. I really love this. For so many reasons. This speaks to my encourager heart. I think that we are in a unique time right now, when teaching others to pray is extremely important. Thank you for the work you are doing here.
    Visiting from #LiveFree Thursday!
    Happy Thursday!

  2. Hi Rachel, I pinned your gorgeous mountain graphic! Blessed to be your neighbor today at #livefreethursday.

  3. Perhaps I should not hyper focus on this one point, but I became completely distracted and could no longer focus on the rest of the devotional once I read the part where you stated that the mountains you were looking at were million of years old.
    Any believer HAS to know that the earth is NOT millions of years old! That is embracing evolution and if we mix evolution with the Bible and Christianity, that is a downward slippery slope that leads to mixing more falsehoods with and against the truth of God’s word. If we cannot trust the Bible from Genesis 1:1, then it all falls apart.
    I challenge you to study the Account of creation and I respectfully suggest you look into “Answers in Genesis” and all that that organization has to teach about creation and the effect accepting the lies of Evolution has on Christianity and the church.
    I’m sorry to “preach” at you. But even with ALL the questions I have about things, the one thing I am incredibly passionate about is the truth of creation!
    Thank you.
    PS. If you ever get the chance, please visit The Ark in Kentucky as well as its sister Museum, The Creation Museum. The Ark is INCREDIBLE! A life size replica of Noah’s ark where they explain scientifically and biblically the ark and how it could have been built and held everything as well as what led to the global flood. Also, the Creation Museum takes you through creation and the book of Genesis, debunking the lies of evolution and explains how this lie from the pit of hell has caused more people to trip up as well as reject God. They are both worth the trip.

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