God Meets Us in the Lonely Places

We can struggle to find time to pray when our days are full. Life can be busy from the moment we get up until we go to bed.

How to be Reassured in a New Year

New Year’s Eve. The cusp of two years. One is about to be left behind. The other stretches out ahead. Our reaction, as we stand at this point,

How to pray when life is easy

Sometimes I have to remind my young adult children “don’t just text me when you’re having a problem. Get in touch when things are going well.” I am

How to pray when you’re tempted

A bag of leftover Halloween candy sat in our pantry tempting me to slip in my hand and take one piece as I passed the doorway. I knew

How to pray when you don’t feel thankful

I have been humbled by the thankfulness of my friends. I’ve shared in their Thanksgiving Day celebrations, sat as their tables and heard them express their appreciation. Even

How to Pray When You’re Fuming

Sometimes, I’d rather stay furious than take seriously the words in the Bible: don’t go to bed angry. I find some satisfaction in being annoyed. If I back

How to pray when fear is close and God is far

Why is it God often seem distant in the middle of trouble? Often, when we’re struggling, he seems silent. I remember crying out to God when my six-week-old

How to pray when you don’t feel respectable

We’re on our way to church. Three teenagers squashed together in the back of the car. My husband was driving and me applying last minute make-up in the

Being Bold in God’s Presence

Quite often we are timid in our praying rather than being bold. We may feel we do not deserve to be in the presence of a holy God.

Uncomfortable But Equipped

Waves lapped gently onto the rocky shoreline. The water shimmered and sparkled as the morning sun climbed higher in the sky. A gentle onshore breeze blew the hair