How To Overcome Challenges

I’d call myself a pretty good skier, although one particular afternoon on the slopes I faced a challenge beyond my ability, or so I thought. Skiing with my

Three Steps To Gain Confidence For The New Year

If it snows in London, it’s like a sprinkling of wet confectioner’s sugar. Although, frozen precipitation is inevitable during the winter season, Londoners always seem completely unprepared. Sidewalks

How to be Reassured in a New Year

New Year’s Eve. The cusp of two years. One is about to be left behind. The other stretches out ahead. Our reaction, as we stand at this point,

Rethinking A Throwaway Attitude

As I threw my collection of used plastic bags onto the back seat of my car, with the intention to drop them off at the recycling center of

A Bold Approach to Healthy Resolutions

Today I am pleased to be guest posting for my friends Christa at Do A New Thing as part of her New Year, New Thing series.  The series

Be Bold in 2016

I’m so happy to welcome author and speaker Michelle Moore to the blog today as part of the #BeBoldGirl series.  Thank you, Michelle, for encouraging us to be

A Red Starbucks Cup

It takes a red Starbucks cup to remind me that I have come to enjoy “the holidays”—that festive season from Thanksgiving to New Year including Christmas and Hanukkah—here