1. I love that phrase confectioner’s sugar, as a light dusting of snow. It’s how it is here in the South. In Atlanta, and a little more south of it where I am. Snow freaks everyone out, run to the store. I had relatives snowed in a few day before Christmas, and I got zero, well, the clouds did puff out a few flakes. I have a friend out shoveling snow in Illinois. Good advice, if you walk with the wise you grow wise.

  2. The mustard seed of faith is one of the greatest parables! Thank you for the reminder we don’t have to have much faith to move mountains!

  3. Here in the south, we stay off icy roads. 😉
    This is all so true: I need to find people who have done what I want to do and done it well. No sense blazing a trail if there already is one!

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