1. Wow….the imagery of kneeling before our Lord with a dirty bridal train on is most powerful and brought tears to my eyes.
    Thank you for this reflection and God bless.

  2. I love how you paint an image of how,being bold is,beautiful. It doesn’t have to be lengthy or hyper-spiritual. It just needs to be honest and from the heart.#stressless

  3. Rachel, I loved your blog post, thank’s for posting at Tracie Miles#stressless. I Love the vision of the train and how our sins are there and how through HIS Mercy we are forgiven.

  4. I too, love the imagery. As a rule, I think we are taught to pray nicely, but I promise when its necessary I will pipe up and tell Him I’m coming boldly, as Daughters of the King we are respectful and polite but He doesn’t want us to fearful or pleading. I use a lot of the same bridal imagery on my Pinterest board and blog, as my friend Jaime prays, “Help me walk before Him in white.”

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