1. Your daughter made me smile, Rachel.


    And I love that we can come to God just as we are and allow Him to walk with us through all those hurts, frustrations, and fears that so easily render us out of control.

    Grace, grace …

  2. You made my day! I can picture this British accent and all. It happens all the time. Jesus even called people viper. He had to be angry and sin not. I have a picture of a turtle and James 1:19, Be slow to anger, on the children’s blog I started. I have to go back and read what i try to teach others all the time, I’m still human.

  3. Good words, Rachel. Ouch! To be on the other end of wise words–coming from your daughter. Oh, I’ve been there more times than I’d like to count. So true. God can handle our anger–and He wants to. And we can trust Him with justice, as well. Visiting from Susan’s.

  4. Oh its so hard to pray when we are angry. But God can deal with all our feelings and if we pray according to His will He will bring us peace!

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