How to pray when life is easy

Sometimes I have to remind my young adult children “don’t just text me when you’re having a problem. Get in touch when things are going well.” I am

How to Follow Where God Leads

I am delighted to welcome Halle Van Vark to the BeBoldGirl series. She joins us with her #BeBoldGirl story and challenges us to follow where God leads, even

WORK ELEVATED 3: Finding Your Focus

If the path you’re going down looks wrong to other people, then they’ll probably tell you about it. A leader at the church my son Max attends questioned

Finding Reassurance from the Faith of Others

A mamma is allowed to be a little apprehensive leaving her child at college in a different country, isn’t she? That’s how I felt a week or so

Be Bold and Lead

I am pleased to introduce Sabra Gilbert as part of the #BeBoldGirl series.  I love her fresh story of boldly stepping up when she felt unprepared.  Welcome, Sabra! #BeBoldGirl

No one understands me.

A girlfriend back home posts a photo on Facebook of the girls’ night out. Normally, you would be linked arms and smiling along with them. Or, you get a