Giving Up The Love Of Comfort For BOLD Surrender

Today I welcome Michele Edwards as our #BeBoldGirl as she challenges us to give up the security of our comforts and surrender areas of our lives where we

Stepping Out in BOLD Faith

I am thrilled to have Paula Sorrells-Beene, friend and teammate from reNEW – retreat for New England Writing, as the #BeBoldGirl this week. When God asks you to

Be BOLD To Put It Out Front

Please welcome my new friend Ginny Priz to the #BeBoldGirl series. Ginny’s story will inspire you to ask what brokenness in your life needs to be put out

Be BOLD Enough to Trust

Kim Goodfellow is our #BeBoldGirl today, sharing how she boldly made a career change. She talks about how God  led her to do more than she imagined.  Welcome,

Daring to be BOLD When You Can’t See Where You’re Going

Do you have a dream you are afraid will never become reality?  Our #BeBoldGirl Evonna Surrette will inspire you to move out of your comfort zone and take

Choosing to be BOLD When it Scares You

Wow! How would you feel getting in front of a television camera? Nervous? Read Paula Mosher Wallace’s #BeBoldGirl story as God tells her to share her story of

When I Boldly Walked Back To God

If you’ve turned away from God, do you know he loves you unconditionally? Kayla Nelson shares her #BeBoldGirl story with us this week. Let her words encourage you

How To Be Bold In Receiving

So often when we’re struggling and feel vulnerable, we want to be self-sufficient. It’s hard to accept help from other people. #BeBoldGirl Karen Smith shares her story of

Being Brave In The Middle Of Infertility

A big welcome to Shannon Ketchum, this week’s #BeBoldGirl, as she shares her story about infertility and her support ministry for women who are struggling with shattered dreams

The Three Big Benefits Of Bold Obedience

Welcome to Liz Giertz, this week’s #BeBoldGirl. Her fear of failing and excuses nearly stopped her stepping out in being obedient to what God called her to do