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How to Stay Strong in a Crisis

The challenge is how do we live confident and calm in the uncertain and turbulent world we face right now? In other words, how are we not overcome with fear? How does this crisis not paralyze us even when we are confined to our homes? Instead, how do we be like the tree described in Jeremiah 17:8 that does not fear when heat comes; its leaves are always green. It has no worries in a year of drought and never fails to bear fruit? We find our answer in the words of the previous verse: trust in the Lord and have confidence in him. Then Read more…Read More →

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How To Be Reminded God Is With You

We’re continuing our discovery of how to have courage whatever our circumstances. The Bible repeatedly says: “Do not be afraid.” And, we’re finding, God doesn’t stop there with his command. He gives us good reasons why we should have no fear. In this post, we’re learning we should not be afraid because: “I,” says God “am with you.” Do not be afraid, for I am with you. Genesis 26:24 This little phrase can be so familiar that it loses its meaning. But, there are actions we can take to hold onto its significance. God spoke these particular words to Issac, but God has repeated this promise throughout Read more…Read More →

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How You Can Be Sure God Hears Your Cries

If you are feeling nothing good can possibly come out of the situation your family is in, know that God hears and can work miracles.Read More →

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Learning How God Shields Us from Head to Toe

The Bible continually tells us to not be afraid. But, we shouldn’t be ashamed of being afraid, it’s expected. It was normal for many biblical heroes we look up to, too. You can be fearless because
God is your shield.Read More →

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Prayer Triggers to Help You Pray for Your Needs

When you do the following activities, be prompted to pray for your own needs.Read More →

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Prayer Triggers to Help You Remember You are Forgiven

When you do the following tasks, let them be a reminder — a prayer trigger — to thank God for forgiving your wrongdoing.Read More →

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Prayer Triggers to Help You Be Thankful

This August we’re using everyday objects and surroundings to remind us to pray in specific ways. This week we are centering on being thankful to God.Read More →

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Prayer Triggers to Help You Pray for Other People

In week 2 we focus on praying for other people — our family, friends, community, and world leaders.Read More →

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Prayer Triggers to Help You Praise God

Prayer Triggers to Help You Praise GodRead More →

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Four Ways we can Practice Prayer with Confidence

So, when it comes to prayer we should not be down on ourselves. Below, I suggest four ways we can practice prayer with confidence.Read More →

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When You’re Wondering “Why, God?”

I am terrified of spiders. Imagine my horror when sitting in church with my Dad, I saw a big — and I’m not exaggerating — hairy, eight-legged monster crawling down my coat. I was eight-years-old at the time. I froze. And in a whisper to my Dad, I cried out: “Dad, Dad, there’s a spider on me.” No response. My father didn’t even flinch. He just continued to sit still, with his eyes closed. Again, in an urgent plea, I begged for help. My Dad knew my fear of spiders. Nothing. Next, I appealed to God, my heavenly Father. I prayed as hard as I Read more…Read More →

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When We Ask and God Says “No”

When God answers “no” to my prayer request, my response can be childish rather than childlike. I become like a child peering through the window of a candy store pleading with her parent for the goodies inside. Children can be persistent in what they want. They whine and ask tirelessly, although tiresome for the parent.  There is nothing wrong with being persistent in prayer. In fact, the Bible encourages it. But, when we’re not trusting God in the middle of prolonged asking, then we are being more childish than childlike. And, that’s where I found myself. For more than nineteen years I made the same Read more…Read More →

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One Way to Focus in Prayer

Front row seats can be expensive. My husband and I discovered this when we bought tickets to a U2 concert. So we chose to sit a bit further back. Still, we had an exciting time. An ordinary-looking man stood right in front of us. We noticed how many people who passed by stopped to say hello and shake his hand. Turns out, it was Bono’s brother. Being up close is often where the action happens. But, being up front and close to Jesus can look completely different. With Jesus, it’s where the lessons and listening begins. One woman, in particular, Mary the sister of Martha, Read more…Read More →

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Staying Focused in Prayer Step 4: Seeing the Distraction Disappear

We don’t want to get stuck in our distractions. We want to be freed from them.Read More →

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Staying Focused in Prayer: Step 3 – Letting God Speak Through the Distraction

We moved to the States a number of years ago. Although I haven’t picked up an American accent, and I still sound very British, I’ve noticed my vocabulary has changed. I say “sidewalk” instead of “path,” “elevator” instead of “lift,” and use “cool” as an explanation instead of “brilliant.” My expectations have changed too. Things I like and have become used to in America, I now demand when I go elsewhere. So, I may come across more American. “Er, we booked a king-sized bed,” I exclaimed to the staff on reception after discovering a queen-sized bed in our London hotel. “Madame, a US king is Read more…Read More →

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Staying Focused in Prayer: Step 2 – Bringing What’s Distracting You to God

Sometimes we have a hard time seeing things directly in front of us. Take my phone, for instance. I put it down and then I’m frantic because I can’t remember where I’ve placed it. Quite often it’s right there where I can see it. Thank goodness for “Hey Google, find my phone.” One time when asking Google Home to find my phone, I could hear it ringing behind me. I turned around and walked into the next room only to hear it ringing behind me again. Totally confused, I walked out of that room and, guess what? The ringing came from behind me once more. Read more…Read More →

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Staying Focused in Prayer Step 1: Identifying What’s Distracting You

Instead of being hard on ourselves when we can’t focus on prayer, perhaps we should take notice of where our thoughts wander. It’s possible something else is going on that we need to consider and focus on. Maybe those thoughts are the very ones we should turn into prayers — the ones we should bring to God.Read More →

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How to be Consistent in Your Prayer Life

Understanding a little about habits can help us move from this start-stop treadmill to consistency in prayer.Read More →

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How to Pray for What You Need

So, when we pray we need to ask God, “give me what I need today.” Then tomorrow morning, again we ask, “give me what I need today.” Tomorrow is secure.Read More →

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The Gift of Forgiveness

God’s forgiveness is not like our efforts to forgive. There is an important difference. God’s forgiveness is always on offer to you and me. Read More →

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The Struggle of Seeing God as a Good Father

As Jesus is God in human form, we can look to Jesus and see what God our Father is really like — compassionate, kind, loving, moved by difficult experiences, always welcoming, and never turning someone away.Read More →

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When Other People Pray Better Than You

Who we are as individuals has to be taken into account when we pray. be you when you talk to God. Be yourself when you pray.Read More →

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How to Take Baby Steps in Prayer

Learning to pray is like learning to walk. A friend of mine posted a video on Instagram of her baby girl’s first steps. Her chubby little legs moved awkwardly, knees coming up at funny angles and feet planting down in different directions. She wobbled from side to side. I held my breath waiting for her to fall at any moment. Except she didn’t. Instead, she giggled as she came towards the camera. The baby had not only discovered a delightful new way to move around, but she also walked towards the safety of her mother’s arms. No doubt, her mom had been encouraging her. If Read more…Read More →

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How to Become More Natural at Praying

There comes a point, when you need to move from being an observer and on the receiving end of prayers, to being a participant and giver of prayer.Read More →

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What to do When You Need Guidance

When you need guidance remember God’s words prevents us from stumbling and falling down, wandering into danger, or going completely the wrong way.Read More →

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3 Steps to Being a Conqueror

In difficult situations we have to overcome fear. We must stop letting circumstances dictate how we react. We need to move forward with confidence instead of hesitating and holding back.Read More →

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How to be Strong When You Need It

When a crisis hits we want to be mentally and emotionally strong. I received an email from my friend giving details about her neighbor who had cancer. The cancer had been misdiagnosed and now nothing could be done — the weight loss, commode and hospital bed arriving at her home across the road — was not what I wanted to read. I had my own concerns to deal with as I was being called back for a follow-up mammogram. My friend was anxious for her neighbor, but I was tense too. I should know better. Faith in Jesus gives me a hope and a future, Read more…Read More →

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When Change Seems Slow

Change calls for patience. New York City is covered in scaffolding. Twenty five miles to be exact. It’s useless information for the average person, although it gives an idea of the amount of transformation going on in the city. The ugly metal poles and wooden planks stay in place a long time. The area surrounding the building site becomes muddy and mucky. Large puddles form when it rains. Boards make sidewalks uneven. It’s worth crossing the street to avoid ruining a nice pair of shoes. The only useful thing about scaffolding, to me as a passer-by, is it provides shelter and brief respite on a Read more…Read More →

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Choosing Love Over Stuff

I daydreamed of a beautiful old English house, with a flagstone hallway, big comfy sofas, and fine antique oak furniture. I pictured hollyhocks swaying outside the open windows and the scent of roses and lavender wafting in on a summer’s evening—not that I’m much of a gardener. The dream seemed within my grasp, until I watched international movers advance through my home like locusts, swiftly wrapping every item we owned in cardboard. It took four months for our possessions to reach us in America. They rattled along the road by truck before being transferred to a container and riding the high seas. They passed through Read more…Read More →

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When You Need to Discover a Turning Point

Are you at a turning point? When we’re hit hard, it’s usual to question God with “Why me? Why are you allowing this to happen?” We enter a spiritual darkness because it seems like God’s not there. He doesn’t appear to be listening. It’s like He’s turned His back. Or, maybe like me, you agonize over whether this is divine punishment. Sometimes, I even feel guilty sharing my doubts with other people because I should have an unwavering faith in God. On one hand, they might look down on me for not being solid, and on the other hand, they might question why I bother Read more…Read More →

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6 Ways You Can Change a Person

The reality is, it’s hard to change people. We can think we have the ability to modify their behavior or how they respond. But, our efforts are often in vain.Read More →

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The Wonder of Where God Moves In

When our hearts are frayed and needy, God moves in. When our our thoughts are dark and dirty, God digs in.Read More →

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The Beginning of a New Journey

My journey began that afternoon. My situation didn’t get easier immediately, but I found hope while clinging to God and trusting His promises for my life.Read More →

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God’s Got Your Back

Taste and see that the Lord is good; blessed is the one who takes refuge in him. Psalm 34:8 (NIV) One of my twin boys is a picky eater. I used to blame myself for this. Now I realize because both twin boys have been brought up in the same way, they are just different. One is more adventurous with food than the other. I often encourage my son who turns up his nose at something he hasn’t eaten before. “Just try it,” I urge,“you might enjoy it.” In Psalm 34, David says putting our trust in God is like trying new food.“Find out for Read more…Read More →

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6 Ways To A God-Like Heart

I’ve wiped the slate of all your wrongdoings. There’s nothing left of your sins. Isaiah 44:22 You’re only as good as your last mistake. Sadly, this little saying is often quite true. When we hear the name Brett Kavanaugh, we are likely to think of his college antics for years to come rather than his achievement to be a Supreme Court Justice. Likewise, Justin Bieber brings to mind his past reckless behavior more than his musical accomplishments. Even with biblical characters, we easily recall their errors. Moses in his anger killed an Egyptian. Sarah laughed when God declared she would have a baby in her Read more…Read More →

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Having The Courage To Enjoy Using Your Gifts by Carrye Burr

I am delighted to have Carrye Burr as our #BeBoldGirl this week. Carrye is an excellent writer with truths to share about how we can all use our gifts boldly and not hold back. Make sure you check out Carrye’s newly published book: How To Be A Moon: Embrace Your Worth. Reflect God. Light Up Your Generation. I thought my bold purpose was to write a book, but I didn’t count on collateral courage. So often when I start a writing project I’m passionate about, I’m afraid of all the possible outcomes. I worry that I’ll make a mistake, disappoint others, or look like an Read more…Read More →

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The Place To Find Peace

Some arrive with a small bag, stuffed with belongings. Most only the clothes they are wearing. Refugees might travel light, yet they come with heavy burdens. They carry the weight of traumatic experiences—the horrors and fear of war, the death of loved ones, the destruction of their homes by fighting or natural disasters—often beyond what we can imagine. You see it in their faces. “I cannot smile,” one man told me, “I am from Syria.” “Her face turned gray,” reported a colleague at our evening debrief, having seen a young woman try to commit suicide. “Her strangled herself and nearly died.” Why, when she had Read more…Read More →

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Giving Up The Love Of Comfort For BOLD Surrender

Today I welcome Michele Edwards as our #BeBoldGirl as she challenges us to give up the security of our comforts and surrender areas of our lives where we like to be in control. Welcome, Michele. Uncertainty has always been my kryptonite…. “Will they like me?” “When will he ask me to marry him?” “Will I have children?” “What did they get me?” “Will I succeed?” I love the comfort of knowing what’s to come, even if it means knowing misery. This comfort is what kept me marrying a man I knew wasn’t right for me. It kept me seeking comfort in food. It kept me Read more…Read More →

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Learning To Challenge The Stereotypes

“Hamid,” shouted Ernie, our team leader from Greater Europe Mission sitting in the seat behind me. “Hamid, Hamid!” “That’s my friend,” Ernie said to me, “he’s one of the refugees.” I stared in surprise, I had not expected to encounter my first refugee on a plane. I had not even set foot on the island of Lesvos. We had just landed in Mytilene from Athens. A young man stood in the aisle with his back to us as passengers around him pulled out bags from the overhead bins. Eventually, Hamid turned around, looking for the person calling his name. He spotted Ernie. A handsome face Read more…Read More →

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Stepping Out in BOLD Faith

I am thrilled to have Paula Sorrells-Beene, friend and teammate from reNEW – retreat for New England Writing, as the #BeBoldGirl this week. When God asks you to step out for him, he will step in and give you boldness, as Paula discovered. “I’ve written a dramatic monologue and I’d like you to do it.” What? Me? A solo drama.  I was flattered that she asked. I was excited about the idea. But, wait. I had no experience with solo drama and very little with acting. Oh, sure, I was in The Beverly Hillbillies play my senior year of high school. Played Emmaline Fetty, a Read more…Read More →

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For The Least Of These

I clutched slips of paper scrawled with the names and ID numbers of four people whose applications for asylum had been processed to the next stage. I needed to find them, quickly. This was my first task on my second day of working in the refugee camp on the island of Lesvos. I glanced at my phone. I had 15 minutes. I shot out of the volunteer’s office, a shipping container with no windows, into the courtyard crowded with men, a few women, and numerous small children running around. One man I recognized from the day before caught my eye. “Move,” he said as I rushed Read more…Read More →

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Be BOLD To Put It Out Front

Please welcome my new friend Ginny Priz to the #BeBoldGirl series. Ginny’s story will inspire you to ask what brokenness in your life needs to be put out front so others can see your healing.  Welcome, Ginny! Put it out front. Woah. Wait. What!? …Did I hear you right, God?  Put your arm out front. You can’t be serious. I’ve spent the first thirty years of my life downplaying my physical difference. You can’t be asking me to place it front and center.  Put your prosthetic out front. But this is exactly what makes people uncomfortable around me. They get all weird and start apologizing Read more…Read More →

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Be BOLD Enough to Trust

Kim Goodfellow is our #BeBoldGirl today, sharing how she boldly made a career change. She talks about how God  led her to do more than she imagined.  Welcome, Kim! I managed to shut the door to my office before I started crying, but only barely.   Shame filled me.  “Why am I so upset about my job?  I used to love it!” I thought to myself.  I analyzed my emotions, trying to find the source of my discontentment.  I was almost 50 years old, and had already put in 10 years at this company.  Now was not the time to question! “My bosses love me.  Read more…Read More →

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Daring to be BOLD When You Can’t See Where You’re Going

Do you have a dream you are afraid will never become reality?  Our #BeBoldGirl Evonna Surrette will inspire you to move out of your comfort zone and take a bold step to make it happen.  Welcome, Evonna! You’re going where? You’re doing what? Why? Ever been met with these types of responses by friends and family? I have!  Most recently, these questions were fired at me when I returned from a trip to Franklin, TN, and informed everyone that I was quitting my job and moving. I will admit, I even thought, Are you crazy? I decided to take a very BOLD and BLIND step Read more…Read More →

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Give God A Chance To Show He Is Good

“I wouldn’t mind tasting squirrel,” my eighteen-year old son announced. We were at dinner with our neighbors and discussing the foods, some of them unusual, eaten in countries globally and regionally. Not only did I think “yuck, not me,” but I marveled how far my boy had come. He sat across the table from me tucking into spicy chorizo sausage and a bowl of beans as we shared a meal typical for the area of Colombia our friends came from. This was the child I thought would never graduate beyond chicken nuggets. It may seem unfair to have such little faith in your child and Read more…Read More →

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Choosing to be BOLD When it Scares You

Wow! How would you feel getting in front of a television camera? Nervous? Read Paula Mosher Wallace’s #BeBoldGirl story as God tells her to share her story of abuse across the world. Perhaps God is calling you to step out of your comfort zone. Start a television show? What? No. That’s crazy! My mind was racing. I was being offered a television show on the Nashville Christian Television Network affiliate, WHTN. This was insane. Me? I didn’t even have television service to my apartment, where I lived with my three boys. I thought back to how I grew up as a missionary’s kid in the Read more…Read More →

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Who Should You Pray For Today?

When my seven-week-old twin boys lay in hospital with meningitis, I depended on many things. I counted on the machines to beep rhythmically and tell me their hearts were still beating, I relied on the drips to administer the antibiotics, I trusted the doctors’ to give the best care, and I banked on a nurse to calm their fraught little bodies to sleep. Most of all, I depended on family and friends, and even strangers, to appeal to God to bring them through. We rely on other people’s prayers. Which leads me to ask, who prays for you and who do you pray for, not Read more…Read More →

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Accepting The Gift Of Life Offered To You

Each year in the USA, the total unredeemed value of gift cards purchased is estimated to be around a staggering one billion dollars.1 Have you ever received a gift card and not spent it? I can think of one occasion I added to that figure, and it was a large sum of money, too. The problem was, to redeem the gift card I had to spend some of my own money. At the time, our family couldn’t afford the extra money to spend with the gift card. What we would have received in return for the expense didn’t seem worth it. We weighed the cost and Read more…Read More →

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When I Boldly Walked Back To God

If you’ve turned away from God, do you know he loves you unconditionally? Kayla Nelson shares her #BeBoldGirl story with us this week. Let her words encourage you to boldly walk back to him. Welcome, Kayla. God doesn’t really love you. I told myself. He doesn’t hear you, He doesn’t see you, He doesn’t care about you. I was baptized as an infant. My earliest memories involve the church. I memorized bible verses, led bible studies, volunteered in ministries, and went on missions trips. I walked by works and drowned inside my own head, believing that I would never be enough. So I walked away. Away from Read more…Read More →

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Why We Must Learn To Forgive Others

How often do we give others the chance to make a new beginning? Some time ago, my husband had to go on a business trip. He left one evening to fly overnight from Boston to Edinburgh. I woke early the next day expecting to see a text or email from him when his flight landed. Nothing! In the flurry of morning activities, I had little time to be worried. They kept worst-case scenarios at bay, for a while at least. I scrambled eggs on the stove for my twin boys. Urged their sleepy bodies to leave the comfort of warm beds and get ready for Read more…Read More →

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