Giving Up The Love Of Comfort For BOLD Surrender

Today I welcome Michele Edwards as our #BeBoldGirl as she challenges us to give up the security of our comforts and surrender areas of our lives where we

Learning To Challenge The Stereotypes

“Hamid,” shouted Ernie, our team leader from Greater Europe Mission sitting in the seat behind me. “Hamid, Hamid!” “That’s my friend,” Ernie said to me, “he’s one of

How To Be Bold In Receiving

So often when we’re struggling and feel vulnerable, we want to be self-sufficient. It’s hard to accept help from other people. #BeBoldGirl Karen Smith shares her story of

Why We Need To Pray For Difficult Relationships

When we’ve been hurt by another person and it’s not fixed, what do we do? When they neither seem to notice what they have done wrong, nor care

The Best Kept Secret: When Being Bold is Being Honest

It is always fun to welcome new friends to the #BeBoldGirl series.   Today, I want to introduce you to Jenny Connell, who shares her bold story of

Living Boldly in Fearless Freedom

I’m so pleased to introduce you to my friend, Marlene Lawson, today.  I have had the pleasure of sharing the stage with Marlene and she is one of

Holy Land Adventure: Finding Life in Dead Places

A steep descent to below sea level from Jerusalem, we are in the Judean wilderness. The sun burned the back of my neck even in the warm dry