1. Love this, Jenny! There is such power in our stories and yes, they give others the freedom to share theirs. I’ve had a few of those “circle” moments in my life, and it’s amazing what happens when we are willing to share our vulnerabilities and invite others in. Thank you for bringing us these words today, Rachel! Great to meet you here, Jenny.

    I’m re-launching my blog today and you’re both welcome and invited to come on over and join the celebration. So glad that I visited today from #testimonytuesday.

    1. Tiffany thank you. Sometimes being obedient is hard. In that circle moment I felt dread. Now, I feel such peace and it gets easier and easier to share. I would love to come visit your blog. What is your blog’ s URL?

  2. Just the title….wow! I know the feeling and thoughts and the freedom of exposing shame to Christ’s transforming light…but I had never quite thought of honesty about our stories as boldness. Thank you for sharing, this frames something really important for me today.

    1. Bethany, I realized I was deceiving myself when I didn’t share all of me with my group of ladies. They needed to know all that God has brought me through to experience the truth of what He could do in their lives. Thank you so much for your encouraging comment. I’m so glad it has helped to frame this in your mind today.

  3. “Unlocking the memories of the past sets others free in the present.” Powerful and so true, Jenny! When God allows darkness in our lives, His plan will always be greater and sometimes that plan is revealed when we boldly share those dark moments with others. Thanks Jenny and Rachel for sharing Jenny with all of us!

    1. Jill, I’m so thankful God’s plan superceeded my sin! Thank you for your kind comment. Even when I rebelled He never let me go!

  4. I love this, Jenny! It made me think of Salt and Light by Lauren Daigle! I love that He writes our stories –and redeems them!

  5. Honesty is so freeing but it is so difficult to take that first step. The shame and fear of others’ opinion keep us locked up. That is so awesome that you helped other women find their freedom!

    1. Sarah, not me the Holy Spirit. If it were up to me I would have kept pretending that my past never happened. But… Jesus wouldn’t let me forget all that He has done for me and when I want to ignore it, His love pours out. When I began to believe I was loved, I stopped caring what other thought so much. It’s not my concern what other people think of me.

  6. Jenny, what a beautiful post. Yes, the enemy would like nothing more than for us to bury our stories in shame so that others can’t see the mighty work God has done in us. I love that you are setting others free with the truth. So good to see you here. Thank you, Rachel, and what a fantastic series!

    1. Hi Abby! Thank you. And yes Satan would. He tells lies like why would someone listen to you, look at your past. And, I say it’s because of my past and being set free that I will obey. It’s not my job to get them to listen. I was only told to share. Thank you for stopping by Friend!!!

  7. Jenny, I so admire you! How obedient and serving of you to hearken to God’s leading. I pray your boldness is blessing you as much as it is others.

  8. Thank you, Jenny, for your wonderful words of courage. It’s true when we share only our “cleaned up” testimony, we are robbing our stories of power. I’ve found that when I share my weaknesses, people are always encouraged more. something about knowing we’re not alone is so freeing!

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