A Prayer to be Filled to Overflowing

My husband likes to cook. One aspect of his cooking, I call it a habit, is leaving the tap, the faucet, running in the kitchen sink, whether it

A Prayer for Guidance by God’s Spirit

If you’re looking for God’s guidance but you feel inadequate, especially when you pray about it, then I want to encourage you that help is at hand. Here

Recognizing Spiritual Hunger

I am delighted to share an extract from Snares in Prayer by my friend, Lourine Clark. Lourine and I met in 2019 and realized we had much in

The Best Place To Start When Praying For Difficult Relationships

A difficult relationship can leave us drained and exhausted. On one hand, we feel like turning our back and walking away. On the other hand, we are not

The Em-Bolden Rule: Do It Scared

I am delighted to welcome my good friend Danya Jordan from Proverbs 31 to the #BeBoldGirl series today. I met Danya three years ago at the She Speaks