Christmas gift-giving can be delightful, dreadful, or an embarrassing experience. I remember turning up at a women’s leadership Christmas luncheon and all the other leaders had brought something to hand out—home-cooked loaves, hand-made candy and hand-painted salt and pepper shakers. Everyone … except me. I didn’t realize it was the thing to do. I felt bad because I couldn’t reciprocate. With real present giving, however, we shouldn’t feel we have to repay the giver, or that we don’t deserve what we’ve been given. A true gift is one where you don’t have to respond in kind or expect anything in return. It can be freelyRead More →

The World Health Organization estimates by 2017 the majority of the world’s population, even in less developed countries, will be living in urban areas. Being in the heart of Manhattan, this is easy to believe. More people live and work in New York City than at any time in its history. Today, 8.5 million have made their home in this metropolis, and the number is expected to grow. My husband and I have added two more to the 8.5 million figure. It seems like a drop in the ocean, but that’s how it happens. I am intrigued how a city such as New York continues toRead More →