Real prayer for real women

Let me introduce you to three women: Akuol, Ayen and Aguer. Their names might be unfamiliar to us, yet these women are no different from you and me. They have cares

So Much Yet to Do (Lost Girls, Part 10)

The purpose of sharing Yar’s story as a Lost Girl of Sudan wasn’t to make a good read. I wanted to help raise awareness of the suffering in

Becoming a mother (Lost Girls, Part 9)

Yar and her brother lost all reason to believe their mother and sisters were alive, but they hung onto hope. Yar told her brother folk tales of their

Getting an American Education (Lost Girls, Pt. 8)

Yar’s move to America from the Kenyan refugee camp and placement in a foster home did not go smoothly. Instead, it was a harsh and difficult experience. You can

Finding a Place (Lost Girls, Pt. 7)

When Yar read a posting in the Katuma Refugee Camp about Sudanese refugees being admitted to the United States, she jumped at the opportunity to change her circumstances.

A Huge Thank You

In less than a week, YOU raised $5,000 and with gift matching we have a total of $10,000. This time last week, I didn’t know if our plan

A Bold Plea for Help

I have been sharing the bold story of Yar for a number of weeks. Now, it’s time to give you some background into how this came about and

Departure Day (Lost Girls, Pt. 6)

It has been a tough two weeks since the last installment of Yar’s story. Violence and fighting has escalated in current-day South Sudan. The country is in a

Surviving Camp (Lost Girls, Pt. 5)

So far, Yar journeyed hundreds of miles by foot to Ethiopia, back to Sudan, and then into Kenya, where she settled with thousands of other Sudanese in Kakuma

Becoming Lost (Lost Girls, Pt. 4)

Yar’s reunion with her father and brother provided only momentary joy. Their arrival in Ethiopia brought short relief. Rebels overthrew the government in Ethiopia. These political changes led to